Haiti: Lawyer Accuses National Palace of Paying T-Micky $50,000 per Month

Samuel Madistin and T-Micky

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Lawyer Samuel Madistin denounced that President Michel Martelly’s son and artist T-Micky is being paid $50,000, cash money, per month by the National Palace, while groups like Tropicana, T-Vice and Djakout don’t make that kind of money.

Madistin became the third lawyer to accuse the Haitian government of nepotism. Speaking on Vision 2000 radio, the attorney reiterated numbers confirmed by former Senator Joseph Lambert and President of the Chamber of Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune (Desdunes/Inite) on the airwaves of a radio station the week prior.

“You should know that there is corruption that T-Micky is going everywhere performing bals and it is the National Palace that is paying him.”

“He has gone for 10 months being paid $50,000, while at the same time there is good jazz, very very good jazz, that can’t make $10,000 in one month.”

“Where have you heard of cash money circulating at the National Palace… that they are giving to the President and are giving to the children of the President.”

“Where did they find this cash money? There’s cash money in the state administration? Where?”

“Everything in the National Palace you must go to the bank to verify, there are accounts, there must be records. You must give a check. You can’t give people cash money. That’s not corruption?”

“While this is going on, T-Micky is making $50,000 American per month and people can’t go to school can’t eat in the country.”

“It’s as if T-Micky is one of the superstars and making this kind of money…”

Vision 2000 Anchorwoman Marie Lucie Bonhomme asked about the numbers Mr. Madistin was throwing out and if they were confirmed to which he said, they were, noting the confirmation by Deputy Louis-Jeune and former Senator and adviser to the President Joseph Lambert made last week, also on Vision 2000.

Madistin says T-Micky receives $5,000 per concert and is being booked for communal events throughout the country by parliamentarians.

“How is it possible that T-Micky is travelling the country and making all this kind of money with the National Palace that Tropicana (d’Haiti) cannot make; the good jazz bands can’t make, T-vice can’t make?”

The conversation turned to other accusation of malfeasance against the first family.

Currently, First Lady Sophia Martelly and another son of the President, Olivier, are being accused of usurpation of title and function and handling funds.


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