Haiti Electronic Business Registry makes its debut

Minister of Trade and Commerce Wilson Laleau

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – The Ministry of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced the availability of its “Electronic Commerce Registry” at the Hotel Plaza on Thursday. The two-month long project employed 110 people to develop and build 30,000 records of companies, trade names and trademarks.

The possibility that the database contains errors or omissions can not be ruled out. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry could not rely heavily on physical information, loss through natural disasters the largest source.

The MCI released a statement that said: “All those who own a company selling a product or offering a service or have made an invention, whether they are currently in Haiti or abroad, can now ensure, through access to the internet, the name they have given to this company, product, service or invention that is indeed protected and can not be used for another company, another product, another service or another invention.”

To report an error in the records an online interface is available at www.mci.gouv.ht.

“With the commissioning of this Electronic Commerce Registry, an important step in the modernization process of registration of limited companies was reached,” explained Martine Jean-Claude, Project Manager. “The Ministry of Trade and Industry, however, needs the support and guidance of all concerned to quickly update the electronic commerce registry. I urge all owners and all holders of registered names to protect the Ministry by visiting the Electronic Commerce Registry to verify that the names they hold therein and for any error or omission in the Directorate of Legal Affairs Ministry with the interfaces of requests for corrections and additions…” continued Madame Jean-Claude.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Wilson Laleau said: “We are very proud of the commissioning of the Electronic Commerce Registry, which will significantly reduce the duration of the process of finding a name for it is a company, a product, a service or an invention. This “registry Electronic Commerce” is crucial for the modernization of the registration process of companies. I congratulate the members of the implementation team project to modernize the registration process limited companies which have made possible the launch as well as local firms Transversal, who developed the computer program, and CompHaiti, who performed the operations of data entry more than 30,000 records contained in physical registers trade. The project implementation team and these firms have been able to achieve in just three months a monumental task provided an international agency to perform in 12 months.”


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