Haiti – Elections : Canada calls for dialogue

Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said yesterday, relating to presidential and legislative elections held in Haiti on November 28, 2010 : “After the events that took place yesterday in Haiti, maintaining political dialogue is more critical than ever to the country’s reconstruction and development efforts.”

“It is essential that Haitian political actors fulfill their responsibilities and demonstrate a firm commitment to democratic principles, including respect for the integrity of the electoral process. This is particularly important given the severity of the many challenges the people of Haiti currently face.”

It is critical that reports of election irregularities be addressed in a calm, timely and transparent manner. We will continue to consult and work with our partners on the ground in Haiti, including the UN Stabilization Mission (Minustah) in Haiti and the Organization of American States (OAS), to help Haiti address these important challenges.”

“We stand with the people of Haiti as they rebuild their country.”

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