August 2, 2021
Haitians never seem to want a definite solution to any problem. This is especially troublesome when it comes to coordinating and effective Electoral Process.
Why do now what you can delay indefinitely??
Always pressure for Provisional or Transitional solutions which are no solution at all. 
They simply delay swallowing the medicine. 
They are Transitions to Infinity as the person who manages to become President Interim, Provisoire, or whatever, focuses of   his/her time and energy on prolongation. This is the most inefficient solution to any Haitian problem and ALWAYS drains the treasury leaving the person who follows start from zero.
The Privert Presidency – which was only supposed to exist from February to May, 2016 managed to destroy a year of Haiti’s time, leading to the fight over wherer Jovenel’s Presidency ended in February, 2021 or 2022??.
Once a person is President Provisoire – HE/SHE IS PRESIDENT!!!  and controls everything, including the Electoral process which can be delayed, delayed, delayed forever – “legally!”
We need a ballot for our new President, Chamber of Deputies and Constitution. Our national focus should be lasered in on these challenges.   The Nation’s survival depends on these massive projects. Preval’s Criminal Amendments made the flawed 1987 Constitution into an impossible document that effectively makes the country ungovernable.
Even with the Perfect Constitution, Haitians would work to make the Nation ungovernable.
President Moise did his best to coordinate a vote for these key elements of Democracy, but was blocked by the very same elements that now move to block our present situation, and – additionally – install a President Provisoire. Key in these maneuvers is a castrated Senate that will deleted in the New Constitution.
The Senate is an unnecessary element that complicates the governance and costs Haiti something like $100,000,000  per annum, when one adds up the wages, fringe benefits and various pay offs for their vote on key issues.
All for only 30 people who can effectively freeze all progress.
I am not even mentioning the hundreds of millions stolen from PetroCaribe. To add insult to injury, the Senate study on PetroCaribe crimes was written by Senators who had personally pillaged the fund. Key among these was Senator Beauplan. Beauplan, Don Kato, Pierre and Cassy were key among those Senators who disrupted/destroyed our functioning Parliament with their dangerous games. 
What we need now is a MANAGER focused upon day-to-day function but, most importantly, a well-coordinated free-and-fair-election, heavily supported by the International Community.
We have a Manager, dedicated to coordinating our voting process.


We have Prime Minister Ariel Henry who, with the support of the International Community, must move to deliver Democracy, yet again, to Haiti’s society. This will be a challenge as some 113 political parties – some only representing “Two Dogs and a Cat,” ( and they don’t agree with each other) – will try to make money off the election. Whether this means 113 Presidential Candidates, remains to be seen.
Remember, in the elections won by Jovenel with a first round 58%, the Group of 9 – made up of the top 9 vote-getting prties – only made up 17% of the overall vote. One of these, Edmunde Beauzile, gathered a staggering 1,700 votes.  And these are the so-called stakeholders foreign representatives meet with.
They represent no one. The massive Traditional Society live outside the shadow of our Democratic Umbrella. Millions, and millions of them, while the International Community meets with people who represent a few thousand – at most!

The next few months mark a crossroads.
One path leads to a positive effort to follow a positive, hopefully creative and possible successful path towards stability and progress.
The other leads to a final melt-down that will really see Haiti reach to absolute category of FAILED STATE.
Which road will we follow.
I am not optimistic.
Jovenel is watching.


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