3 thoughts on “GARRY CONILLE NAMED PRIME MINISTER-October 4, 2011

  1. I realize you removed by reply due to the fact that it does not hold any agreement with what the UN and Clinton are pulling off in Hait.All the light skinned snobs in Haiti do not care about their own people. They line their pockets with blood money presented to them by Clinton and the rest of corrupt politicans of the west.Dear God help the Haitian people. Dear God punish those that continue to use and abuse the poor children and adults of Haiti.Genocide in progress. UN most corrupt gang of murderers in world.Need a police force to control drugs, and muslim infiltration.Police force of Haitians that love their country, and refuse to be bought off with gifts and blood money from the slugs and evil men that dwell in this world.

    1. Phyllis- This is the first time that you have commented on this article. You commented only one other time, and that was on the post titled-GARRY CONILLE NAMED PRIME MINISTER-October 4, 2011, which was approved.

      Please feel free to write what you like here. We do not filter the comments, even if they are bigoted.

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