April 20, 2012

The past saves Martelly.

If the governments of Aristide, Gerard Latortue  and Rene Preval was not as bad as they were, Michel Martelly would be toast. However, the Creole proverb: Bad is better than worse…. seems to fit the  present situation.

Our Haitian population has the  amazing ability to readjust to a lower status quo without complaining.  The devastating earthquake of 2010 was a classic example when God shook the earth and there was no one the people could react against.  The just moved forward an accepted their fate.

But, there must come a time when the adjusted status quo is at a level that prevents basic survival and, at this point, an eruption will occur. Michel Martelly, through his betrayal of trust, with the people, will provide the focus.

He promised two basic things…Security and School for the Children. In spite of smoke and mirrors, he is a failure in both areas, even though he has been offered assistance to attain these goals. He probably doesn’t know this since the Dobermans around him prevent and upward communication of useful information. They block access for their own selfish ends as the country is raped by Martelly insiders.

Martelly had a classic opportunity to save the Nation and become the most important president since 1986 and, perhaps, on into the future, as the people looked  back upon the accomplishments of his five years. Unfortunately, Martelly has become an unfortunate threat to the Nation’s survival through his inability to separate close friends from those with the ability to help Haiti recover and move positively into the future.

One might have a close friend, such as Thierry Mayard-Paul – but, if you, or your children required brain surgery, this jerk would not be the one you pick to handle the scalpel.  We only mention Mayard-Paul because he is the most obvious bad choice for a cabinet position. And this close friend reacted when Martelly suggested he might be replaced, for the Nation’s well-being, by threatening to “tell all” if Martelly took such an action. And so, this close friend became an enemy within the castle.

The  Mayard-Pauls, Gregory, Clifford and Thierry have been Martelly’s friends and we must suffer this friendship as a Nation. The arrogance of Gregory and Thierry is really beyond belief.

The secret of true leadership is seen in the choice of your people to achieve the goal. The leader does not have to be the brain surgeon if he picks the right people. He will lead, and the team will accomplish those things that need to be done.

Martelly’s wife might be a competent lady, but her ego has extended beyond human capability. Sophia controls all dossiers, for reconstruction, and other projects. She even has her own letterhead and she was not elected and has not been appointed to an official position, within our government.  However,  she is  a government, within the government, and does not delegate authority to anyone. Those wishing to do something must place cash on her table, and this does not guarantee anything for the supplicant.

In fact, on several occasions, she has told President Martelly that SHE IS THE POWER!!!

Sophia and Martelly’s inner circle of close friends are a mortal threat to the Nation’s survival.

If Martelly  does not reassess  his team and make necessary adjustment, his government will fail and THE NATION WILL FAIL!

Even at this point, as the Dominican, and other growing scandals,  threaten his survival  as President, Martelly could reverse course, and start   afresh. The International Community would accept, and wish him well.

But he must act soon before the 9,000,000 unrepresented people finally realize they have been conned by a well-meaning, charming musician.  Their reaction will be frightening.

President Michel Martelly/Sweet Mickey should carefully chose a cabinet,  in cooperation with his Prime Minister, and delegate the authority expected, to these people.  He should then relax and remain himself, a charming, charismatic leader, devoting his time to personally seeing his people.

Many cringe at the thought, but President Martelly could let his government govern and devote his time to making the Haitian population happy. A series of Martelly concerts, coupled with some political propaganda would go a long way to making him the leader he could be….in a new and radical manner. He has the ability and talent to this if he would just relegate his close friends to being nothing more than close friends, and not a dysfunctional  part of our government.


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