1615 HOURS, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

The reasoning is unknown.

However, Preval has ordered the arrest of many young people in areas where Jean-Bertrand Aristide retains popularity.

We will keep you up to date on this situation, as it develops. Our information comes from someone who was phoning from within Preval’s operations center. He was so frightened he refused to use English in fear of being discovered.

The areas hit were populist centers of Delmas  2,3,4 and Correfour.

These parts of Port-au-Prince are extremely volatile and Preval may be attempting to create an explosion in an already explosive situations.

Embassy and UN contacts had not heard of these events, so we are the first to report the situation.


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      Please make your points a bit shorter.

  1. Preval is about to bring a real danger in the entire region. Through the elections activities with the C E P acting as a programmed machine, nothing serious could be done for real.It is a tactic to put in place his own plan of dictatorship power as is in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Iran, China.We can not support this movement at all. Castro

    As is Cuba 1959, with Che and Castro, people understood that after Batista, a democratic system could be established over the Island, however, Castro was working under ground with Russia in order to bring the Missile Crisis in American Continent.For the first time, a President of United States has used the word: weapon of mass destruction.That situation brought a big danger in face of the world with. the installation of the missiles in Cuba. What Preval is working on right now? Because of the installation of the missiles in Venezuela by Russia and Iran,with the project of Alba, Preval in trying to do the same.

    Do you remember that that missile crisis to the US the murdering of the democrat president John F.Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy years later.We need to think twice about the Preval’s plan.We have already lost too many lives in Haiti for nothing since 1986 under the label of the word democracy.

    Do you know how many tonton macout have been burned from 1986 to 1991? How many poor people have lost their lives in the popular justice movement because of proclamation of the Theology of Liberation?
    How many people have lost their lives because of different coup d’etat?
    SSP,OP,FRAPP,CHIME in different moments like; dechoukay Makout,former military, operation Bagdad,Raboteau,Martissant, Carrefour-Feuilles,Piat, Jean-Rabel,La Cierie,Aux Cayes,Solino, Cite Soleil,Petit-Goave and so on.

    In April 2008, Preval ordered Minustah to fire the hungry people all over

    Port-au -prince because Preval and Alexis could do their jobs.Now, the fact is more tangible. More interest are at risk in Haiti, so, more danger is visible and ready to spread all over.

    Clinton, Bush, Obama specially must be very careful in the case of Haiti.

    The danger is near.Too many terrorist agents are there.US must pay attention to what is going on in Haiti.The murdering of Ronald Chery is a sign sent to USA to show that Preval and is gangs are not playing for zero, they are ready to fight for real.Preval would like to send a clear
    message for us when he said in his interview thathis first contact after the earthquake was established between him and the french Ambassador.And
    you remember the fight between French officials and the Americans at the Airport? So, we can also interpret the visit of Lionel Jospin team in Haiti to support the elctions, and the representative of OAS to bless the cep of Gayot Dorsinvil as well?
    The politic of fait accompli put in place by the Makouto-Lavalas is a big

    We have to stop them quick, otherwise, we will pay a long tribute to correct that.

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