Filmmaker claims only a fraction of $9B pledged got to Haiti

Filmmaker claims only a fraction of $9B pledged got to Haiti
Raoul Peck Photo: Getty Images

By Richard Johnson

Bad news for Sean Penn, Beyoncé, Wyclef Jean and all the other celeb humanitarians who have raised billions of dollars trying to rebuild Haiti. It didn’t work.

So says Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck, who screened his documentary, “Fatal Assistance,” last week in Harlem.

The Maysles Documentary Center describes the film as “a devastating indictment of the international community’s post-disaster idealism.”

Peck claims only a fraction of the $9 billion pledged by foundations around the world ever reached the impoverished island, and that 350,000 Haitians still live in camps.

“‘Fatal Assistance’ leads us to one clear conclusion,” the Maysles Center said. “Current aid policies and practice in Haiti need to stop immediately.”


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