Feds still investigating IDT on foreign bribery charges

The Komisar Scoop has posted a new item, ‘Feds still investigating IDT on
foreign bribery charges’

Oct 15, 2012 – If you have followed the stories here showing strong evidence
that IDT, the Newark-based telecom, bribed officials of the Haitian phone
company, Teleco, you will be interested in today’s SEC filing by IDT. It says
that the SEC and the Justice Department are still investigating charges made in
2004 by former IDT employee D. Michael Jewett that the company had paid off
Haitian officials in connection with (ie. to get) a contract to supply long
distance service from the U.S. to Haiti. That would have violated the FCPA, the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. At the time, IDT was run by James Courter, the
former Republican congressman from New Jersey.

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1 thought on “Feds still investigating IDT on foreign bribery charges

  1. They are focusing on Aristide’s involvement in this crime.

    Along with the French government, the American federal courts may file an indictment against Aristide and some of his associates.

    It isn’t over until it is over.

    Aristide is trapped in Haiti with nowhere to go.

    The Americans can take their time to pick Aristide off.

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