Failed asylum seekers could stay in Canada thanks to hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma passed by Haiti and Cuba in the last 48 hours slamming the Islands with heave winds and rain making the small islands unsafe for rejected asylum seekers to return to.

Over the last few months Canada has seen thousands of asylum seekers crossing the border on foot from the United States, most asylum seekers will receive refugee status and some won’t.

Many of those asylum seekers come from Haiti who went to America after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Since President Donald Trump’s travel ban these Haiti refugees made their way to Canadian borders across Canada, most of them in Quebec and Manitoba.

Canada has been deporting some asylum seekers to Haiti over the last few months, but this operation could be halted due to the dangerous conditions in their home country.

Asylum seekers who have their refugee claim rejected or have a criminal background could stay in Canada longer until the Island is safe from hurricane Irma.

It’s unknown how long they will stay in Canada, but this could last for months or even years.

Armed conflict and a humanitarian crisis are the only reason deportation can be postponed in Canada.


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