October 27, 2015

Stay at home!!

Expect gunfire tonight!

I have just listened to a radio broadcast that set a standard for stupidity,   and one must really work to exceed previous records.


The strident, loud, irritating voice of Steven Benoit drew me to the radio. He always talks loud and high, making one believe his pants are too tight.

Benoit was there with Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles Sauveur Pierre-Etienne, Ceant and others, all set upon destroying the electoral process, in an election that has already been judged, by international observers, as being free-and-fair, with few flaws.

In other words, we have had an election that worked, and someone won!

That is the way of elections.

Someone wins.

The rest lose.

Not so for these jerks!

They have played the game and now want to set the clock back to zero and try again. The real world isn’t like that, but whoever said Haiti was in the real world.

As a side issue, in addition to Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles, and Steven Benoit, Maryse Narcisse says she won. That makes at least 5 winners, when you include Neg Bannan, in one race.

Must be a first.


We must utilize a sports concept to settle the issue. Let us call it a SUDDEN DEATH SOLUTION.!!

We will take all of the Presidential candidates and match them in pairs. Then each pair will be locked in a dark room with a shotgun.
One person will survive.


The survivors will be paired, locked in the dark room, after the blood is washed up and the body removed. Another survivor/fatal situation and so forth until we only have two left.

These two ae then given shotguns and locked in the dark room.
The final survivor is PRESIDENT!

This selects a President and gets rid of the bothersome mouths that could create problems had they survived.

I was going to suggest the final pair become President, and Prime Minister, but this will not work. They will both want the top spot. Better use the shotgun approach!

Toto and Leslie Borlette can run a Lotto on the process with the bets going to fund schools.

The reality sees a strong effort to blackmail the International Community into an unfair, and undemocratic solution. To derail the Haitian process, a fair process, because people do not like the winner, will set a worldwide precedent.
I am not optimistic.

Aristide won his first Presidency with this tool when Evans Paul put the mob on the street and an illegal FM transmitter in the French embassy pronounced Aristide the winner at 11 AM election day!


Aristide installed Preval with the threat of “Three more years!”

Preval blackmailed MINUSTAH when he put 1000 people into the Montana Hotel and threatened to bun Port-au-Prince down, if he was not declared first round winner.

Preval got derailed in 2010, otherwise he would have used the game again with Celestin, who had an actual 4.5% popularity on real polls, not the BRIDE.

Time to call their hand and stop this stupidity.

Foreign observers said the election was good.

Evans Paul said it was good, although his opinion is always in doubt.

The Friends of Haiti must withdraw visa privileges from anyone who blocks the progress of Democracy. Those blocking this election fall into that category.

Those fomenting rebellion and violence, against the Government of Haiti, must be  noted and dealt with.

Haiti’s 10,000,000 faceless people have tolerated this Democratic Game for too long and have developed a strong distrust and distaste for the word.

If the White Man’s affliction – called Democracy – is to survive in Haiti, the election results from October 25 must be accepted.



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  1. Rappelez-vous, Jude Célestin embauché Amarol Duclona de tuer un consul français et Robert Moreno de la CNE. Célestin a volé des millions de René Préval et devrait être emprisonné, non élu.

  2. Benoit a pris des millions de pots de vin, tandis que le sénateur. Il devrait être en prison

  3. Ceant a été détruit par Aristide et Maryse Narcisse. Il a reçu très peu de votes. Dans certains bureaux le nombre était de zéro. Dans d’autres un ou deux. Une triste fin.

  4. Jude Célestin n’a pas de décharge. Il a volé des millions et est impliqué dans les affaires de la cocaïne. Qui lui a permis sur le bulletin de vote?

  5. Lorsque Ceant accepte criminels comme René Civil, il ne peut pas compter sur le soutien des gens décents. Je me trouvais avec Ceant à la dernière élection.

  6. Ceant seulement gagné quelques centaines de voix à l’échelle nationale. Grosse déception pour les millions qu’il a passées.

  7. And now the losers are calling for a civil war to destroy Haitian society!

    Jean-Henry Ceant, Celestin and Moise Jean Charles have threatened to burn the Nation.

    What type of patriots are these?

    The International Observers accepted the vote. Haitian observers accepted the vote.

    These people are not happy unless they win and there can be only one winner – guaranteeing unhappiness.

    Your SUDDEN DEATH solution is the best – and shoot the survivor!

    They are really disgusting and are not fit to represent the Haitian People.

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