October 28, 2015

Aristide was allowed to return from South Africa on the promise of staying out of politics. He had nowhere else to go, since South Africa told him to leave, when Mbeki was replaced by Zuma, who hates Aristide!

No other nation would take him.

Aristide promised to focus upon education and has done some special things with his university.

Big difference between the university and Aristide Foundation, which houses all sorts of chimere and other criminal types. To visit this place is a frightening experience.

The real Aristide spirit haunts the Aristide Foundadtion and hosted Congresswoman Maxine Waters, over the past few days.


Aristide has now thrown down the gauntlet, in a challenge to the International Community, a challenge aimed at retaking power for Lavalas.

Moise Jean-Charles has always said he is Lavalas, and will always be Lavalas. This guy is a spoiler who wishes only to destroy and  disrupt things. Arnel Belizaire has carried weapons and cash from the Dominican Republic for him.

Moise Jean-Charles was given a campaign manager, Daly Valet, by Reginald Boulos, if local gossip is to be believed. Some say the CEP chief Opont is also a Boulos man, in the way of Haitian politics, never free from influences, of one sort or another.

Dominican contacts tell of arms shipments shipped to Moise Jean-Charles. Three of these were in pick ups that crossed the border a day before the election.

Moise Jean-Charles has also received substantial funding from Dominican sources, intent upon creating chaos in Haiti as a result of the recent border closures.

Moise Jean-Charles has told his associates that his direction comes from Tabarre, and we believe this.

Moïse Jean-Charles announced  mobilisation populaire anti-Martelly – Radio Television Caraibes with Aristide approval.

And now, Aristide has entered the game, coaching Maryse Narcisse who will do nothing without Aristide’s personal approval. Therefore, we must assume that Narcisse’s claim to have “won the Presidential Election” when she placed 4th, was done with Aristide’s knowledge and approval.

Aristide is trying to destabilize the democratic foundations, and disrupt the electoral process in a manner that should see the Americans take action.
Unfortunately, Aristide holds embarrassing dossiers on dozens of key American players, including Billand Hillary Clinton, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jessie Jackson and, some say, Colin Powell.

Even as I type this, RADIO TI MOUN is spouting things that would see the broadcaster jailed, in America, and the station license pulled. They are fomenting direct rebellion against the lawfully elected government of Michel Martelly.

Last night, they were preaching that people should go to Kenscoff and kill Pere Cico. Some, on the broadcast demanded closed borders and the killing of all Martelly insiders.

Enough is enough.

We are heading for a Lavalas coup against Democracy – Again!!

Isn’t Aristide and Preval, 1 and 2 enough?

They effectively destroyed a good infrastructure created under Duvalier, turning Haiti into an uncoordinated chaos.

The election must be recognized, otherwise Haiti will finally be deserted on the garbage heap and the world will move on.


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