Dominican and Haiti Revive Differences on Immigration Issue

Imagen activaSanto Domingo, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) The historical differences between Dominican Republic and Haiti are today new episodes following statements by an official of the United Nations Program for Development favoring the second country.

According to the representative of this international organization here, Valerie Julian, should be granted amnesty to Haitian immigrants, whose number is over one million, according to various figures.

This approach was rejected by several Dominican authorities, and among them was the opinion of the Director of Immigration, Jose Ricardo Tavares, who talked about the issue as without legal basis or handle.

For Tavares, the statement is not worth a discussion, while other officials called it an interference in the internal affairs of the Dominican.

In this context, the Haitian historician Paul Joseph Batiste suggested establishing free passage on the border between the two countries, occupants of the Caribbean island the Spanish.

Such idea is for the Dominican Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, an attack on the sovereignty of his country where Haitians work informally mainly in agriculture, construction and services.

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