Doctor Searches for Haitian Girl He Saved Last Year He doesn’t know if she survived the quake

A Fairfax, Va., doctor and his wife are packing a tent and sleeping bags for Haiti to see if the young girl he helped save a year ago survived the earthquake and to help others in need.

Dr. James Baugh took little Roberdine Fequiere to Fairfax Inova Hospital from Haiti for complicated surgery to repair a hole in her heart.

“She was weak, malnourished and given just months to live without the procedure that couldn’t be done in Haiti,”  Dr. Baugh said.

After the successful operation, the Baughs took her into their Fairfax home and oversaw her recovery. She returned to her family in Haiti a picture of health.

The Baughs saw her on a visit to Haiti last month. Roberdine isn’t even 3 years old, now, but Lisa Baugh said “she remembered me and jumped into my arms.”

“She associates me with needles,” Dr. Baugh said.

This week the Baughs have been worried about the fate of their little friend and her family. They’ve tried to contact them and other friends but have heard nothing. Out of nine e-mails Dr. Baugh’s received two replies.

The Baughs are hoping to travel this weekend with the medical team from Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children. The team of pediatricians and surgeons will be providing emergency triage care. They’ll also be bringing medical supplies.

A priority for the Baughs will be reconnecting with Roberdine.

“I can put a real face with the tragedy, ” Lisa Baugh said.

She and Dr.  Braugh said they are worried about her but are trying to stay positive.


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