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Haiti - Technology : Digital technology at the service of education

Organized by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Embassy of France in Haiti and the International Centre of Pedagogical Studies (CIEP), the National Conference on the place of digital technology in education ended Wednesday.

For two days, all interested parties to reform: executives and agents of the ministry, of course, but also organizations involved in teacher training, technical and financial partners and private sector representatives had the opportunity to study how these new tools (e-mail, social networks, interactive whiteboards, digital tablets, educational applications etc.) can be concretely put at the service of the initial and continuing training of teachers but also the students.

As recalled, the Ambassador of France accredited to Haiti, Elisabeth Beton Delègue “the National assizes on the place of digital technology in the training of teachers participate in the implementation of the joint declaration on cooperation in the field of education, vocational training and research May 12, 2015 signed by the Presidents and Holland and Martelly” “After the workshop organized last November 24 on vocational training […] France has decided to give its full support to the modernization of the Haitian education system. This conference illustrates the privileged partnership that our two countries are currently establishing in the field of education,” concluded the Ambassador Delègue.

In a video intervention Nesmy Manigat, the Minister of National Education, welcomed “this Franco-Haitian partnership and this effort with systemic and innovative target, embracing all levels, from preschool to high school through three fundamental cycles.”

Following these Assizes, a roadmap was developed for trainers “e-competent”, both capable of adapting to a digital working environment and use it with their students in accordance to a process of sharing knowledge and networking of knowledge.


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