DID SHE OR DIDN’T SHE ?!! Haitians were confused during evening of December 19 as media reported resignation of Yanick Mezile, Minister of feminine Condition–Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

When contacted, she could not give a coherent answer.

She said she would have to check.

Check with who?

Probably check with her husband who seems to have filed her resignation without her knowledge. He is also rumored to be the one who actually runs the ministry. He is rumored to like a few drinks and may have done this after a few glasses of clairin.

Her husband, Jude Lherrison was a Jude Celestin supporter who tried to burn buildings, in Petionville, and had his gang smash car windows, as people celebrated the presidential victory of Michel Martelly.

Only in Haiti!!

Yanick Mezile, ministre à la Condition féminine, démissionne

Published On: jeu, déc 19th, 2013

By RadioTeleLakansyel

Marie-Yannick Mézile, ministre à la Condition féminine et aux Droits des femmes (MCFDF), aurait remis sa démission a appris Haïti Infos Plus. Une lettre, adressée au Premier ministre Laurent Lamothe, devrait être acheminée à la Primature le jeudi 19 décembre, avons-nous appris d’une source proche dudit ministère.



People will recall the unsuccessful candidacy of Jude lherrison, husband of Marie-Yannick Mézile, ministre à la Condition féminine et aux Droits des femmes…. And his wildly anti-Martelly stance, during the Presidential Campaign in which Jude Celestin, Preval’s man, was knocked out.

Immediately following Michel Martelly’s presidential win, Lherrison – and his gang of Chimere – attacked many  businesses in Petion-Ville, setting fire to some and breaking windows, in others. Many cars had their windows smashed.

One must realize that Lherrison is the one who really runs the ministry, not his wife.

Talk about THE ENEMY WITHIN.   This could well be a planned move to destabilize the Martelly/Lamothe government, in concert with other anti-government groups.

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