December 12, 2018
Here were are, in the week leading up to an anniversary of the date that effectively sent Haiti along the path to destruction.
DECEMBER 16, 1991
Bad press had disrupted, and destroyed the Duvalier government when all that was required, to have remained in place, was a simple free-and-fair election. Duvalier would have won in a landslide, and followed term, after term, on into the future.
Ernest Preeg, American ambassador to Haiti in 1983 wrote a monograph on the Reagan Caribbean Basin Initiative. One of Preeg’s statements always stick in my mind:  “It can honestly be stated that the Jean Claude Duvalier Presidency is the longest period of violence-free stability in the Nation’s history…” This was true but he was not democratically elected. (Neither was Aristide.)
And then the Americans forced him out!
Instead, members of his inner circle voted against these and the following years, months, days accelerated a slide to, and over the Abyss, a slide we may never recover from.
It was the period of Liberation Theology – Communism in Priests’ Robes – that was the popular flavor. Today, few remember this leftist, populist movement that took stability and created chaos, a dangerous, disorganized  chaos in which Haitians were introduced to Pere Lebrun that barbaric murder in which the victim wears a gasoline-soaked tire which is ignited with the snap of a wooden match.
Aristide worshipped Per Lebrun and wished to elevate this Demon to Bishop in recognition of his barbarous service to our society.
Aristide loved the smell of burning flesh, it had a narcotic effect on him.
An “anti-American, thieving, murderous  psychotic, manic-depressive, ex-priest with homicidal and necrophilic tendencies, coupled to the sexual drive of a frenzied ferrette  was a description once quoted in THE NEW YORKER.
People forget Aristide’s “Zero Tolerance,” in which he justified Mob killings of anyone they did not like. Dozens were “necklaced.”
People tend to forget the cruel, violent, frightening days of Aristide’s short-lived first presidency that survived for something like 8.5 months before society did away with him like a ripe boil being squeezed between two fingers.
POP!   And he was off into luxurious exile.
Aristide’s fortune is estimated to have been $1,500,000,000 in 1994 and had expanded with interest since then. He could support the Nation, personally, with what he stole and earned from the cocaine business, but he does nothing!
Even his own Lavalas-controlled Parliament didn’t want him back, in October, 1991, and welcomed the planned vote, scheduled for December 16, 1991, under Article 149 of the Constitution. Had George Bush not intervened Haiti would have settled the problem, within 90 days, and we would not be in the disastrous situation we face at this moment in Time.
The Cedras period was one of basic stability during which thousands, and thousands of children, under the age of five, starved to death, according to a Harvard Study. Thousands outside this age group also lost their combat with starvation.
Our OAS brothers stole 100,000 assembly jobs, a theft we have yet to recover from.
All of this because of the disaster on December 16, 1991 when Aristide is said to have received 67% of the votes cast – 300,000 – although the French   embassy announced his victory at 11 A.M. over an illegal FM station on embassy grounds, effectively ending the ballot,
as Evans Paul, then Mayor of Port-au-Prince put the Mob on the streets.
Anyone questioning the stoppage was killed.
Aristide’s own observers filed a report, to the effect that Aristide was declared President with fewer than   0.5% of the votes counted. Aristide suppressed this report! Yes, that is half of one percent!
The then French ambassador was in partnership with Aristide in several businesses.
And now, the French Embassy continues its efforts to embarrass and emasculate the Jovenel Moise Presidency, in favor of the Lavalas/Leftist elements via their propaganda machine  Amelie Baron.
Even today, as a sick, incapacitated cripple, in his Tabarre lair, the demon of Aristide still shakes the nation in many ways. RADIO TI MOUN spouts his hate-filled message 24/7 in direct contravention of Haitian Law,  and The Laws of God, yet no one takes steps to shut this radio station down.
With the flick of a switch, turning off the power, many of Haiti’s present, and ongoing problems would be resolved.
Aristide was the Founding Father of Haiti’s Narco State.
Aristide remains an ongoing threat as The Godfather of Lavalas.
If there was a God, the Americans would extradite Aristide for the tons of cocaine he has shipped into the States, poisoning the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, costing the American economy billions in medical and welfare payments. Unfortunately, this will never happen since he has dossiers on the American decision-makers who have accepted bribes from the Little Priest.
We now have a Democratically elected President who won the vote TWICE and must be allowed a complete mandate in which to accomplish his positive goals for Haiti, and its people.
The Aristide/Lavalas disrupters, aided by foreign elements, such as the French embassy-sponsored Amelie Baron, cannot be tolerated in their ongoing attempts to diminish OUR government’s ability to succeed.
It is time for all patriotic elements to consider  the Nation’s well-being and move forward.
The alternative to the Jovenel Moise government is easily predicted. Lavalas/Aristide chaos and disintegration for another lifetime.


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