Yesterday:   Major demonstration against the Preval government’s incompetence was held in the town of Leogane, close to the epicenter of our recent quake. Thousands of people marched, calling for the resignation of Rene Preval and his invisible cabinet. The had special words for Prime Minister Bellerive.

20 political parties are planning some sort of demonstration this coming week for Port-au-Prince.

The scene is set for  major social explosion and only awaits the arrival of some sort of leadership to coalesce the various groups into one cohesive front.  Public disgust and dissatisfaction is universal and the massive majority does not view Preval as a president with any legitimacy. They know he only received 23 percent of the popular vote in the 2006 election. They know the MINUSTAH team juggled the results in a bizarrely criminal manner to give Preval 51% thus avoiding a mandatory run-ff. By doing this, the UN became a willing partner in Preval’s Presidency and must share more than 50% of the blame for the criminal incompetence that was forced upon Haiti’s massive majority.

When the people revolt, what will be the UN’s reaction??

Will they kill innocent Haitians to maintain a criminal presidency??

We may discover the answer to this question in the near future.


More buildings collapse. More people injured. Aid still a mere trickle as the government and MINUSTAH block distribution by slowing down the process.


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1 thought on “DAILY REPORT SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

  1. This is the turning point for Haiti and the Haitian people. We need to stop voting senator,deputy,…president for a bag of rice and a can of oil. Instead of taking the street those so call leaders they need to stop blaming others for what they have been cautioning for years. Most of the leaders and bourgeois in Haiti have one moto make money to buy a nice house and a Jeep without even thinking about putting in place any structure to secure the future of their children because they know they can get a visa to leave the country at any givin time. Mother nature does not discriminate that’s why we are all living in the street now. For those bourgeois who always spend their weekend in SD, the international media is Putting not just the poor people on blast instead Haiti is the topic ( Haiti the poorest country in the hemisphere). if you are Haitian and really want this country to change every single one of you need to lead by example. stop the blame game let’s work together to change this country.

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