Cuban Doctors Lower Cholera Lethality Rate in Haiti


Havana, Cuba, Mar 30.- Cuban doctors working in Haiti have been able to bring cholera lethality down to 0.37 with no deaths from the disease reported in more than two months.
As a result of preventive measures adopted by the Cuban Medical Brigade, who have assisted more than 76,600 people suffering from cholera in the neighboring country so far, the number of cases has been gradually reduced, Granma newspaper reported, noting that on March 26, only 40 new cases were reported,said Granma.According to Gonzalo Estevez, the second in charge of the brigade, said Cuban specialists are leading control actions even in the farthest communities of the country, where they test the water for cholera and talk to locals on how to prevent the disease.

Estevez Torres told Granma said in the event of new outbreaks of cholera the brigade implements local measures to prevent the transmission of the disease.

The Cuban doctors are distributed in 156 health centers across the nation, 67 of which are part of a joint program with Venezuela.

The work of the Cuban medical brigade in Haiti has been commended by local authorities and leaders of other nations, as well as by international organizations.

In a report by Prensa Latina dated March 18, Haiti’s ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide was quoted as saying in Spanish: “Who knows how many people could have died without their [Cuban doctor’s] help!” “May their light reach others!” Bertrand Aristide made the statement upon returning to Haiti from after been on exile in South Africa for several years.(ACN)


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