Cholera epidemic hits Port-au-Prince in Haiti

Port Prince (UNN)
First cases of cholera have been registered in Haiti capital, Port-au-Prince, which has sparked fears that the epidemic could grip thousands sheltered in refugee camps in the capital.

According health officials the cases on Saturday, that the five had become infected in the main outbreak area of Artibonite, to the north of Port-au-Prince, and were isolated after falling ill.

At least 208 people have died on the island since the outbreak of cholera nine months after a devastating January 12 earthquake killed more than 220,000 people in Haiti.

Officials have warned that the death toll from the epidemic, the first in half-century, could rise further as more than 2,000 cholera infections have been registered on the island./UNN

24th Oct 2010, 04:21 am.


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