April 7, 2013

When a few members of the Chamber of Deputies embarrassed themselves,  and the Nation,  by interrupting Prime Minister Lamothe, during his recent visit to Parliament,   Ralph Theano, the minister in charge of relations with Parliament,  commented that they were acting like a bunch of children, who had no parents. This was immediately interpreted – conveniently – by some Deputies as a challenge to their birth legitimacy.

Theano is an idiot, but he does not have a monopoly on this factor.

He is challenged by many sitting Deputies.

At least Theano is not a murderer or a drug dealer

The Chamber of Deputies plan to invite Theano to the Chamber – and physically assault him. In fact, “beat the crap out of him” is a term we have heard.

What are we witnessing??

A gang of adolescents in a childish, sophomoric, and dangerous disregard to the very basis of Democracy!! They are supposed to form a democratic chamber, in which all opinions and viewpoints can be discussed with respect. Instead, they prostitute the very concept of Democracy, making any effort to generate a working government impossible.

Members demand cash payments for their votes!

In any civilized country these people would be jailed as was a Democratic senator in New York, along with several powerful Republican and Democratic leaders.

Paying Deputies, and Senators is a simple way of life in Haiti. There is no Democracy, and it is time the International Community accepted this fact. They wanted to neutralize Aristide and their very pressure for elections will guarantee that this man will return from the political cemetery to regain control of Haiti…and then what??

Aristide is the smartest political mind, in the game, and does not find much of a challenge from the Martelly  National Palace inner circle.  The Mayard-Pauls of this world are not in Aristide’s  league.  We are lucky to have Laurent Lamothe handling the Prime Minister’s slot but he cannot do everything. Aristide aims to win the real grassroots by taking the mayor’s slots, plus other low end elective positions. Then it will make no real difference who controls Parliament, he will control the people.

In fact, Aristide is smart enough to use another, unexpected approach. He will support a mulatto candidate in the next presidential election.

Martelly requires some long term planning, instead of his band aid approach to the Nation’s challenges.  He should burn his passport and stay home since this is where the challenges to his government exist.

The International Community gets up every morning and prays for the survival of the Martelly/Lamothe team since they believe this is the only basis for any sort of future. If the Martelly/Lamothe team fails, it is back into another series of interim governmental disasters.

The opposition wants the remove Laurent Lamothe since he is the base upon which Martelly stands. Remove him and Martelly must collapse.

The next few weeks, months are going to be very hot for him.


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