With the resignation of Nehemy Joseph the electoral process has really started to unravel.
The CEP has been in trouble since before the disastrous August 9th vote.
Pressures are building for the total collapse of the CEP and creation of a new Electoral Law/CEP.
The pending visit of American Secretary of State John Kerry has probably provided fuel for the fire.


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3 thoughts on “CEP STARTS TO CRUMBLE

  1. Nehemy Joseph has a lo of the legal community with him.

    Must wonder at motivation.

    Was Boulos behind this?

    Perhaps Nehemy Joseph will be next CEP chief.

    I get the feeling that something very big is about to explode.

    Lots of main roads blocked.

    Policemen being targeted.

    Political figures promising to block October elections.

    The October 25th elections seem to be toast!

  2. By Jacqueline Charles


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    A member of Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council resigned Friday, raising questions about whether more resignations will follow and the fate of the Oct. 25 vote for president, mayors and members of parliament.

    “I am not comfortable,” Néhémy Joseph told Haiti’s Le Nouvelliste newspaper, confirming the news that he had sent President Michel Martelly a letter announcing his resignation.

    Martelly was headed back to Port-au-Prince Friday from New York where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly Thursday morning.

    Joseph’s resignation comes three weeks before the critical vote to elect Martelly’s successor and end his one-man rule by restoring parliament through runoffs, and four days before a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry is scheduled to stop in Haiti for a few hours Tuesday on his way back to Washington from Chile. The elections are a key discussion item for Kerry in his meeting with Martelly and other government officials, sources say.

    Last month, during a visit between Kerry and Prime Minister Evans Paul, Kerry said “it is imperative for the elections that will take place in October to be successful.”

    Such concerns have been voiced by others in the international community as well as Haitians, who have questioned how prepared the nine-member Provisional Electoral Council is this go around. On Aug. 9, the vote for 139 legislative seats was marred by violence, fraud and late starts at polling stations across Haiti. Balloting at dozens of polling stations had to be suspended because of armed disruptions.

    Despite the problems, the United States and others deemed the vote credible. On the ground, candidates for the presidency have put up billboards, and hit the campaign trail. At least 10 of the 54 who are running for president are expected to be in South Florida for a 4 p.m. presidential debate Sunday at North Miami Senior High, 13110 NE Eighth Ave.

    Nevertheless, the council has been plagued by credibility problems over decisions and disagreements among members. Opposition candidates and political parties have taken to the streets demanding the resignation of Martelly and Pierre-Louis Opont, the council president.

    One major party, Verite, backed by former President René Préval, went as far as to say it would not go to the polls on Oct. 25.

    Elections officials, meanwhile, have gone about planning the vote, traveling to Dubai, for instance, to check on the printing of ballots even though they had not yet announced who would be in the legislative runoffs. On Monday, they finally announced final results from the Aug. 9 vote, declaring that 10 lawmakers including two senators had won in the first round, despite the violence and fraud and the need to re-run races in several constituencies.

    Further, Opont, who had never officially opened campaigning for the legislative elections, declared that the second round would be held at the same time as the balloting for president and mayors.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/article37355601.html#storylink=cpy

  3. Joseph had already split $2,000,000 with Opont.

    Time to enjoy his fortune.

    He hopes to head provisional governement.

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