Canadians warned about travel to Haiti

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The federal government is renewing its travel warning for Canadians headed to Haiti.

Foreign Affairs says Canadians should exercise a “high degree of caution” in Haiti, especially in Port-au-Prince.  They add that anyone attending National Carnival
celebrations in February in Cap-Haitien should also be particularly vigilant about safety.

The US State Department has been harsher on Haiti saying Friday that “no one is safe” from kidnapping & violent crime in Port-au-Prince.

It says in recent months travellers arriving in the capital on flights from the United States have been attacked & robbed after leaving the airport, while at least 2 American citizens were killed in robbery & kidnapping incidents.

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3 thoughts on “Canadians warned about travel to Haiti

  1. Where is the security Martelly promised us before election day, and afterwards?

  2. And the Martelly government is obsessed with new hotels and a tourist promotion! The Minister of Tourism is a charming naive lady who is operating as if her feet were placed in Beverly Hills.

    The situation is so insecure that businessmen would have to be careful as to how they visit Haiti.

    It is my personal opinion, based upon conversations with people involved, that the general atmosphere of insecurity is being generated, as you say on this site, by Aristide’s people in their effort to regain the balance of power.

    I am not optimistic about America finally accepting responsibility for Aristide, and all of his crimes. It is time for them to arrest him – for crimes against the American people and the USA in general He is guilty of cocaine traffic into our territory.

    We have arrested people for lesser crimes.

    Time to remove the abscess from Haiti’s body.

    However, it is also my belief that Martelly has made a deal with the Devil, taking several millions from Aristide and Preval to leave them alone.

    Now it is rumored that he will accept a pay-off from the Brandts for release of Clifford Brandt.

    At some point someone has to pay the price for breaking the law.

    Perhaps it will be Martelly, after his term in office is completed.

    His wife, being an American citizen, could have IRS troubles for not declaring all of the money she has made/stolen since she became Queen of Haiti.

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