Canada, allies preparing plan in case Haitian situation worsens -Trudeau- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Jan 10 (Reuters) – Canada is working with allies including the United States to prepare for “options” if the situation in Haiti deteriorates, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday, adding any definitive solution must come from the Haitian people.

“We are working with partners across the Caribbean and indeed, with the United States and Mexico to ensure that if the situation starts to deteriorate, we will have options,” Trudeau told reporters at the North American leaders’ summit in Mexico City.

“We have continued to stand with the people of Haiti and we will continue to … but we need to make sure that the solutions are driven by the people of Haiti themselves,” Trudeau said.


Is everyone smoking something?
How can the situation possibly get worse?
Policemen are being killed, on a daily basis.
We can’t leave our residence because of TI MAKAK’s gang..
No matter what anyone says, gasoline is not easy to come by.
Anyone, with the ability to do so, is leaving Haiti.
The American government is responsible for this ongoing situation; A train wreck that was initiated with the destruction of our FAdH yers ago.
The Haitian population does not respect the PNH. It does respect the FAdH, yet the American government continue to block the training/equipping of our military

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