May 14, 2019

The entire circus performance by Don Kato, and his   partners in crime, during the attempt to seat a new Prime Minister, and save the Nation from disaster, was a simple demonstration of BLACKMAIL.

It was aimed at gaining control in certain Ministries and it worked.

Foreign Affairs,

Planification, and,

Social Affairs.

This entire criminal endeavor is a perfect example of why we must amend our Constitution and do away with the Senate.  

Without their Parliamentary Immunity most Senators could face arrest for major crimes.

That evening of BLACKMAIL will cost Haiti tens of millions over the next 12 months as criminal Senators bleed funds from these deep pocket ministries.

Some bad thinking people blamed him for a drug shipment intercepted on th border, one of many.

Don Kato is really a good example of what we have in the Senate.

He is a suspect in the Aristide team’s murder of journalist Jacques Roche.

Some blame him for burning down our Iron Market, after DIGICEL spent a fortune restoring it after the 2010 quake.

Don Kato was there, when the business community was selectively attacked, in July, 2018, coordinating things and setting up a warehouse for stolen property.

And Don Kato is still young.

There are many major challenges that lie ahead for him.

More criminal possibilities to enrich himself, and his friends.

Time to fence him in.


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