August 14, 2018


Something must be done.

The situation has become completely impossible.


At some point the International Community, more specifically the Americans, must help us control the uncontrolled elements.

One must look at our recent history to understand why we are in this fatal situation.


When the Americans decided to bring Aristide back, in 1994, they had finally recognized him for what he really was. Unfortunately, the American governments, both Bush and Clinton, had invested so much “face” in promoting this murderous, psychotic, manic-depressive anti-American, Liberation Theology priest that they could not do the manly thing and admit their disastrously expensive mistake and state the facts.

Instead, the Clinton administration negotiated the terms of the Governors Island Accord of which the most important section dealt with the survival of the Forces Armees d’Haiti as a countervailing force to their predicted move by Aristide to gain dictatorial control – AGAIN!

Cedras was to step down. A new Commander in Chief was to be selected from existing General Officers (Duperval or Mayard) and election were to be held before the end of 1994.

Aristide was toast!

In other words, the American government recognized the Truth and believed a revived, retrained, re-equipped FAdH would provide the control for what they knew would happen.

They then sent 23,000 American soldiers to invade what they knew was no threat to anyone. Aristide got the American general, in charge of the occupying force, to force appointment of a new General Office, in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Poisson, the Fire Chief.


Aristide then appointed  Poisson Commander in Chief and had him disband the FAdH, against the terms of the Governors Island Accord. Aristide delayed, delayed, delayed the elections until he had control of the CEP and installed his puppet Preval as President, threatening “Three More Years,” if this crime was no accepted.

Once again, American “Face” was more important than the survival of Haiti, so Clinton capitulated, yet again.

The FAdH was replaced by a newly created PNH.

The Americans and Canadians naively thought they would train an adequate, professional force, failing to realize that Aristide would fire every American/Canadian trained police officer. The force was to be totally Aristide and his heavy influence has been felt up until today.

PNH Inspector General Michel-Ange Gedeon is an Aristide/Lavalas fanatic, controlled by Aristide. He was inserted by Privert, Aristide’s long-term supporter.


And so we had our American brothers deliver two Coups de Grace as they murdered our law-and-order, while forcing Privatization of the government industries that effectively supported 100% of Haiti’s budgetary requirements.

This was, and remains a formula for disaster!

The ongoing addition of thousands, to the PNH ranks, with accelerating increases in firepower is not the answer.

pnh armed

The FAdH had a magical element – RESPECT.

How can you Respect an officer who looks like he is from Mars?

You Fear this office!!

The Haitian population loved their FAdH and respected it as their guarantee of law-and-order.

Do not listen to the “Bad Press” that suggests the military was a force for evil. Hitler’ Joseph Goebbels was right when he said a lie, repeated often enough, becomes the Truth.


So Haiti is now in a financial crisis – actually a Financial Disaster – created by the American insistence upon Privatization of Haiti’s governmental businesses. These were sold By Preval to his close associates for peanuts and we are now facing an electrical power crisis as the Potentates of Power, SOGENOR, E-POWER, and HAYTRAC dictate terms to the Jovenel Moise team.


We will endure more and more blackouts as the Potentates of Power blackmail us into submission.

In the midst of the President Jovenel Moise tries to turn things around, working against powerful and malevolent forces that wish to maintain a status quo – CHAOS!


The idea of Democracy was, and remains a foreign concept, a mysterious philosophy to the majority of our 12,000,000 citizens who live outside the umbrella of governmental corruption.

In fact, Democracy has taken away much of what they possessed before the American poison was dumped into the Haitian Well.


Under Duvalier, if you owned a pair of shoes, when you went to bed, you still owned them in the morning. Under Aristide/Preval this minor certainty was abolished.

Today, August 14, 2018 we are faced with a BIZARRE set of realities.


Haiti’s student population says it hates Jean Henry Ceant. However, these same students state that – should Ceant not be named Prime Minister they will destroy the country. Burn, pillage, plunder whatever remains in our fragile existence.

When South Africa wanted to get rid of Aristide, no country would accept him. So the Americans brought Aristide, the liar, back to Haiti with his promise to remain out of politics. He promised to focus on Education.

We know the rest.

This instability is a natural attack point for Aristide to mobilize the students against whatver law-and-order exists, with Gedeon and the Aristide Chief of Police.


We saw how Gedeon withheld PNH officers from our streets when disaster swept them a few weeks ago.

History repeats itself, often in more focused and powerful ways.

And then, we have the Chamber of Deputies saying they will not ratify and new Prime Minister, without the payment of millions. We have already seen their demand for $3,500,000 to ratify Justice Roc, under an Article 149 solution to bridge the gap from Martelly, to the future.


There was no cash so we got Privert who really screwed things up.

Various sums have circulated, up to $50,000,000 – negotiable downwards for the Chamber of Deputies.

And no the Senate has publicly stated that they will not accept Ceant as Prime Minister unless he negotiates – INDIVIDUALLY – with each of them!

Where is the legal system?


Even in  corrupt situations like Argentina and Brazil – such criminal demands would see arrests – and convictions!

All we see in Haiti is an accelerating series of electrical blackouts, more threatened fuel shortages as the Presidency and, through the Presidency, the Nation’s and population’s very survival threatened.


There is no legal system capable of Justice.

Justice, like all other commodities, is for sale to the highest bidder. If you don’t believe this, try to find a lawyer to sue any bank for their criminal outrages – and there are many.

No lawyer will take any case against a bank – even if the crime is obvious to 100% certainty.


Who can the people of Haiti turn to?

God is on holiday!

It is time for the International Community – more specifically the Americans – to take a look at the equation and calculate which is the most economical. Intervention – to assist – now, or intervention of salvage later?


The Jovenel Moise government is exactly what we need to move forward from the Aristide/Lavalas abyss generated during their disastrous control of Haiti.


The Martelly-Lamothe team   provided the bridge from this catastrophe and now Jovenel Moise must be allowed to continue our revival so that his successor will take control of stronger, more vibrant Haiti.

Under the present situation, whoever comes next – whether it is next week, or next year – should Jovenel fail – will inherit  a cemetery.

Some should be arrested.

The Senate should be abolished.

Our Constitution must be rewritten to deal with reality.

President Jovenel Moise must be given the security he requires to make the heavy decisions, followed by heavy actions required to save his Nation from the Abyss.



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  1. Se Blan yo kap fin detwi Late, epi se yo wap mande vin delivrew..
    Se yo minm ki fini avek Ayiti a travers Ambassad yo, ak Milat epitou Arab ak Jwif ki sou Payroll CIA kap fini fe travay de destruction Pep Nwa yo a travers tout Late, sa fe pati de Plan manch long Blan yo pou yo take over Tout Late, apre yo fin pa detwi tout Ras Nwa, a travers(Germ Warfare, SIDA,EBOLA, KOLERA etc)… epi fe lage ak Koreyin yo, Chinwa yo. ak Iranyen yo, se yon Gwo Plan Mondyal….

    Nou pa we ke tout Konpayi Blan se Mondyal/Global ke yo ye, yo pa rete lakay yo anko, paske sa fe pati de Plan Global Blan pou li extemine tout lot Ras yo, pou yo kapab pwan Late e pataje li antre yo

    Ouve Je nou…li fin two ta, yo mete nou ak domi…nan zafe Politik, Legliz, Jezi, Dwog…se minm yo minm nan kap jwe nou ak zafe Dwog la…yo mete nou nan domi…epi yo mete nou nan Prizon..yo fe ke nou youn ak touye Lott

    1. Again, MEK POK graces with his bullshit racist garbage, all the way from Brooklyn.

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