1. The fact is nothing plus, nothing less”the light will come up anyway”.

    Jean Claude Duvalier was a victime.The truth must come up.As a young man of 19 years old, the statu quo put hands upon the guy and made him a martyr.However,hopefully,the eyes of the super powers of the world are starting to learn a true lesson from the schools of our ancestors about the haitian reality.” Kaka Je pa Linet”

    For more than 25 years,France, Canada,USA, have been out of game in the case of haitian politic system through the leftist activists who were running behind easy money.The terrorist system
    was the rule.Burning people alive,destroying houses and public buldings,stealing public funds,selling drugs, and practicing kidnappings,killing people by day and by night, was the signal that will put the entire american continent in a position of fragility to allow today,the teams of terrorists leadership like
    bandits as Chavez,Ahmadinejad,Castro,Ortega,and so on could be in a position to set up suspicious activities of destruction in the region.

    USA needs to reset up the power all over the continent again.Eventhough we still have the Haitian Parliament infested by all the bad guys serving as protection to those who are active to facilitate the left wing revolution in Haiti, I am strongly believe that the time is back to us to put order in the back yard again.

    I would say a big thank to the international community members for the progress they have made ibn the case of Haiti.By this public sign, I believe now that the re-evaluation of the facts to bring the light back to normal in the case of Haiti is possible.

    How could you invite the symboles of destruction of Haiti unto that ceremony? 12 january 2010 was the result of the misconducts of the leftists leaders who came to powers in Haiti after 1986.

    Today, we must stand up the truth to stop they definitely.

    USA, FRANCE,CANADA, do your parts.
    Tell them that you understand what is wrong ans what is right in the case of Haiti.

    Bill, keeps up the good job.You are admirable in your diplomatic style.

    Vakabon se Vakabon, mete yo nan wol yo.Fe chache bon fey anba perestil Aty Beauvoir pou w lave men w byen lave pou w wete giyon ak madichon Aristide yo sou ou pou w kapab komanse travay ak moun ki e ki te toujou renmen Ayiti yo.Moun ki te konn fe sakrifis pou kreye travay,kreye dyob,bay sekirite atravae tout peyi a pou touris te vin pran terapi pou yo retounen al fe bek fe nan peyi yo.

    Monche. Bill, mwen apresye deske ou komanse demake w definitivman anba vakabon pou w komanse chita ak moun serye pou travay rekonstriksyon Ayiti a kapab devni yon reyalite.

    Demele w pou w pale kreyol, paske, se kreyol Bondye pale. Se nan lang Kreyol ke Bondye pral jije tout Vakabon alawonnbade.

    Bon kouraj, good luck.

  2. Mon cher Antoine, permets-moi de te dire que tu divagues. tu es en train de rever en plein jour.
    Bonne chance avec tes fantasmes!

    Antwan nan gommier is day dreaming. Good luck!

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