Nov 28, 2016

Just when you think they cannot get any lower, they surprise us – yet again!

Absolutely no Integrity.

Absolutely no Patriotism.

Absolutely no Conscience.


Yesterday a complete deal was hammered together in which Privert agreed that Jovenel had – in fact – won the election with a percentage greater than 51%.

There was no need for a run-off.

Privert scheduled a TV press conference for 10 AM this morning.

Leopold Berlanger agreed to announce the results – as actually posted on the CEP web site – which has shown Jovenel’s victory for the past few days.  A press conference was scheduled.

Jude Celestin agreed that Jovenel had won the election and this agreement was discussed with others, outside his circle, by Jude Celestin insiders.

The sun came up and radio stations told the public of a city-wide dispersal of PNH and MINUSTAH units. They had everything covered. Looked like a well-coordinated effort.


10 AM came and went without Privert’s conference.

Reports started to filter in off mobs gathering in Lasaline and Bel Aire. CIMO units, on the ground, looked for guidance from their superiors. Surprise, surprise!! The senior officers had shut off their cell phones.

Delmas, and other areas, were scenes of trouble. Delmas had hundreds of tires scattered along the streets, waiting for nightfall, some gasoline and matches.  Downtown Port-au-Prince had huge crowds of people with guns, machetes, tires and no PNH is sight.

God only knows what will happen tonight.

Reports started to filter of a rumor that saw the Prime Minister and Privert wanting to release results, but the Core Group wanted a run-off.

Of course this was a lie, but many believed it.

Even as this lie was circulating, Belanger was sitting in a hotel room, with his CEP and 4 members that would not sign the documentation announcing Jovenel’s win. The CEP members would not carry out their contractual duties to supervise – then announce the result NO MATTER WHO WON!

Then a suggestion the CEP had decided the results were really Jovenel 47% Jude Celestin 25%!!

Then time for the CEP announcement at 5 PM came and went, the CEP room, decorated for the occasion, remained empty, empty, empty!

A great deal of cash changed hands to obtain this impasse. Aristide knows this is his last stand and millions – in fresh American $100 bills were invested to derail Jovenel’s official acceptance.

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Like Manus before him, Leopold Berlanger could become a national hero. He could announce Jovenel’s win and announce the names of those who refused to do their duty.

Instead, the Privert, Berlanger, Aristide team has sacrificed their nation’s future for “30 Pieces of Silver.”

Jovenel Moise should be our President elect, awaiting his inauguration during the first moments of 2017.

Instead, cash payments, to a number of criminals, has left the Nation rudderless, with Privert still in control – and no end in sight.

The criminals, who sold their souls, should be sentenced to a life in Haiti, with no foreign visas – EVER!! They should be forced to experience the disaster they have created, firsthand, with no opportunity to enjoy their criminal millions $$$.

The United States Government really owes Haiti an apology and take steps to correct their gross error. They forced Aristide back upon an unwilling Nation only when he promised to remain out of politics, and focus on education. Of course, his word was worth nothing.

The Americans have enough evidence on him to put Aristide away forever.

Aristide is the root problem with Privert, Berlanger, and others mere fungus infections, attached to the main body.

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  1. They announced the results last night. Jovenel Moise is President-Elect and rightfully so…a complete repudiation of politics of old. The audacity of the losers, who lost by huge margins, not even close, to suggest that their votes were stolen. The sanity ensues….

    If Haiti could rid itself of Aristide, Maryse Narcisse, Moise Jean Charles and company, it would be a step in the right direction. We also need to purge Jacqueline Charles from the Miami Herald to give us a break with the false and bald-faced lies.

    Dear God, please hear our prayers. Please give Haiti a chance. Please don’t allow distractors to stiple progress. Jovenel Moise is good for Haiti and I just know it.

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