June 13, 2019

On June 12, Arnel Belizaire made a public statement to the effect that he was going to take over the International Airport, in Port-au-Prince, Thursday and Friday, challenging PNH Director General Gedeon to do something about it.   

By doing so, Belizaire was really challenging our President ,  and threatening the security of our society, a challenge that affects each and every Haitian.

The consequences to Haiti, and its economy, would be substantial as American authorities suspended flights into or out of Haiti.

It is just another destabilizing element in a worsening situation. Any society depends upon law-and-order. Some have a tight, well-coordinated system, while others live in fear of violence.

Arnel Belizaire is just one irritant that should have been dealt with years ago.

Arnel Belizaire loves to appear, carrying an illegal assault rifle.   One photo shows him with 2 UN troops. Another photo shows him in front of a PNH Caserne with the gun. In the United States the police would ask him to place the gun on the ground, and step back.

If he refused –  seeing him as a threat, they would shoot him!

Simple as that!

We cannot have this type of challenge to the governmental authority. Challenges must be blocked, immediately, otherwise the non-reaction will see others threaten the authority in an ever-increasing pace, until truly violent force, on a much larger scale will be required.

Haiti has seen a deterioration of Security since Michel Martelly left the palace and Privert pirated the presidency. One of Privert’s first steps was the appointment of fellow Lavalas militant Michel-Ange Gedeon to be our Director General of the PNH, our only instrument for Security.

From day one, Gedeon has shown an ongoing, aggressive insubordination that would have seen him court-martialed in any professional military.

When our security has been threatened by street demonstrations, Gedeon’s team has left officers – on the ground – without proper coordination via the simple action of turning supervisors’ phones off. Then PNH officers,  at the scene of the riots, called their senior officers for orders, only to find their phones closed.

Chaos followed.

People have died.

The PNH reputation suffered.

Last July Gedeon withheld expected PNH support by saying his “vehicles had no fuel.”  At best this shows incompetence, on Gedeon’s part, by not having everything ready in advance.  

In actual reality he is arrogantly insulting our intelligence.

Then, during the recent problems, in the Senate, and after having promised Senate president Cantave PNH protection, Gedeon disappeared from sight. Cantave could not reach him by phone for 18 hours.  Gedeon then asmwered, after Don Kato, and his associates had destroyed the functionality of our Senate, with the excuse….”Both of his phones were discharged.”

My goodness!

The arrogance of it!

He should have been fired on the spot!!!

It isn’t too late. There are many, many, many PN H officers who hate Gedeon and would welcome a patriotic, responsible, effective  replacement. We have several hundred underemployed PNH Inspectors who can step in.

From day one, Gedeon set out to create a divide between the PNH and the people it   supposedly serves. He has also sought to create chaos within the ranks of the PNH. His actions have   not been subtle moves . Gedeon manipulated the scene, in some cases creating situations in which his own PNH officers would be killed by reactive elements.

In other cases, Gedeon created situations in which his own PNH officers’ reactions would be viewed as violation of human rights, further reducing the force’s effectiveness.

All of these negative actions have a damaging effect upon the Jovenel Moise Presidency, our presidency.  

You cannot run a restaurant if the chef refuses to follow orders,

You certainly cannot run a government, if your Director General PNH does not follow orders, or acts contrary to the best interests of our society, and the men of the PNH!  You cannot run a government if your Commissioner of Government does not take legitimate orders.

The President   cannot function unless all elements, responsible to him, obey his orders.    

When faced with the threats of people like Arnel Belizaire our President should have a real PNH team, working in the real service of the Haitian people. Gedeon has continually showed his insubordinate refusal to honor his vow to “Protect and Serve.”  He cannot be trusted to react professionally to threats presented by people like Arnel Belizaire.

If President Moise is to have a successful mandate, he must have a team upon which we can place our trust.

Gedeon must go – immediately.

Threats – such as those posed by people like Arnel Belizaire – must be met – instantly, with the appropriate actions. In this case, upon threatening to take over our International Airport, Belizaire should have been arrested.


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