Ansanm Pou Ayiti and, are hosting the first annual Haiti National State of Health Congress

MAY 10 & 11, 2018 | PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI
Ansanm Pou Ayiti and, are hosting the first annual Haiti National State of Health Congress, a national forum for health leaders, entrepreneurs, advocates, and policymakers to exchange ideas, build new relationships, and foster disruptive solutions to challenges within Haiti’s health industry. Learn more
What can you expect?

The Haiti National State of Health Congress will gather over 200 policy makers, seasoned executives, public and private stakeholders, and knowledgeable pioneers in the health industry to discuss the state of health in Haiti.

Over the course of two days, attendees will analyze the current environment and health system in place, understanding the role of public and private sectors in spurring innovation, discussing the challenges individuals and organizations face within the health industry in Haiti, and collaboratively examining and sharing the available opportunities for solutions, innovation, support, and systems for change to Haiti’s health landscape as we know it.

Event Registration Includes:
  • 2 day Congress Admittance
  • Daily Morning Snacks
  • Daily Lunch
  • Airport Shuttle

About Ansanm Pou Ayiti

About Ansanm Pou Ayiti continues to create a transparent and favorable platform for individuals and organizations across all sectors to come together, cordially, and discuss challenges, discover solutions, and network for collaboration, support, and increased open lines of communication between public and private stakeholders for synergistic and strategic impact in Haiti. Ansanm Pou Ayiti provides innovative and fresh activities to facilitate the change that is necessary for Haiti. is an easy to use, searchable, real-time service portal to connect patients and Providers with the medical resources they so desperately need. believes that by using technology to connect organizations, patients, providers, and suppliers you can improve quality, efficiency, and ultimately save more lives. and provide digital platforms connecting those in-need to service providers.
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