After NY, the President Martelly is arrived in Japan

05/12/2012 09:05:49

Haiti - Diplomacy : After NY, the President Martelly is arrived in Japan (UPDATE)

The President Michel Martelly, accompanied by the First Lady, Mrs Sofia Martelly, Pierre Casimir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and members of his cabinet, that left the country on Monday to Japan, where he will pay an official visit from 5 to 8 December, stopped in New York to visit the new premises of the Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in New York, located to 2nd Avenue and 43rd Street.

During his visit on Tuesday morning, the Head of State and the First Lady has delivered laudatory statements to the Consul General of Haiti in New York, Mr. Charles A. Forbin, who has taken the initiative to provide a better environment for the Haitian community. Initiative with a dual purpose, since it allows to share the 6th floor of this space with the Mission of the Republic of Haiti to the United Nations.

Leaving New York, the delegation led by President Martelly continued his trip to Japan. The plane carrying the President, his wife Sophia and the members of the delegation, landed shortly before 17:00 local time (08:00 GMT) at Narita Airport in Tokyo.

Welcomed at the airport of Nakita in Tokyo, by the Japanese Chargé d’Affaires in Port-au-Prince, Mr. Kenji Kuratomi and that of Haiti in Tokyo, Ralph Latortue, the Head of State was invited to a dinner hosted in his honor by the Embassy of Haiti in Tokyo. Several Japanese parliamentarians and dignitaries, including the Vice Ministers of the President’s Office, Mr. Shinkun Haku, and of he Defence, Mr. Motohiro Ono, and the Executive Director for the Caribbean, Mr. Akira Yamada, took advantage of this occasion to express their admiration for President of Haiti.

Japanese authorities have also honored the official presence for the first time in Japan, of a Haitian President in office. They believe that this is a manifestation of the will of the current Head of State, as well as the Haitian people, to strengthen the cultural, economic and diplomatic relations that unite the first black republic in the world and the country of the Rising Sun.

The President of the Republic has, for his part, acknowledge the Japanese economic model and its dynamism. He has, also commended the continued cooperation between Haiti and Japan. “I am here to enhance and facilitate trade with Japan. I also want to understand the Japanese expansion, share with you and invite you to invest in my country,” highlighting the efforts of the Haitian Government in order to guarantee foreign investment.

Before returning to Haiti, the President Martelly will stop in Miami on December 10 to meet with the Haitian community.


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3 thoughts on “After NY, the President Martelly is arrived in Japan

  1. All of this traveling is not constructive. All it does is build up travel miles on the credit card and absolutely nothing for Haiti.

    Dollars spent on tourism are wasted now.. when one looks at the security situation, and that logo we have, for HAITI, is the dumbest thing I have seen. When you look at it it does not make you think of HAITI. It makes you think of Dole Pineapple, Hawaii or some other thing…NOT HAITI!!

    Martelly should be here facing the near challenge of JANUARY when his government will face a non-confidence-vote – FOR SURE!

    Money for tourism should be funneled into seeds, fertilizer and schooling.

    If Laurent Lamothe falls, Martelly will follow shortly thereafter.


  2. I am not optimistic. Aristide promises nothing and will produce nothing but more unstabilities. Martelly should have arrested him and Preval.

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