A new cement plant of $300M

Haiti - Economy : A new cement plant of $300M !

Haiti Libre.Com At the initiative of Honorary Consul of Haiti in Belgium, Bestgen Jérôme after over a year of technical studies and financial arrangements by international and Haitian investors, a new cement plant “Siman Lakay” whose the laying of the foundation stone took place on December 19, will be implanted in Gonaives in the locality “La Pierre” 2nd communal section of Gonaives (Artibonite). An area chosen for the abundance of deposits including limestone and marl, necessary for the manufacture of cement, according to a study by the Bureau of exploitation of the mines and energy.

This cement plant taht will requires an investment of 300 million US dollars, will be built by the Belgian TSE construction firms and engineering TPF, will allowe to increase local market production capacity in Haiti and reduce our imports. With a capacity of close to 2 million tons of cement per year, the new plant will fill a large part of local needs estimated at 4.5 million tons annually. This is the biggest investment in Haiti in recent years

Construction should begin from January 13, 2016.

This new plant will create more than 2,200 jobs in the long term on the main production site (workers, employees and executives of the various trades that will benefit from adapted and continuous training) “Siamn Lakay” will also offer job opportunities in various locations .

This industrial project can not exist without a stable source of energy, reliable and redundant. Also a 35-megawatt power plant will be built, whose the production capacity will far exceeds the needs of “Siman Lajkay”. The surplus electricity will be distributed for the benefit of neighboring local populations.

This cement plant will have other benefits: 6 km of road leading Gonaives to morne Lapierre where the plant will be built and a good part of the road leading to Anse-Rouge, in addition, a village will also be built in the area to house 2,500 employees of the cement plant.

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