January 14, 2011 DRP Haiti

Representatives of the international community are beginning to show a willingness to discard the November 28, 2010 elections and start afresh. It is becoming apparent that the OAS analysis is flawed in itself since its entire process is based upon questionable evidence.

One of the main factors in trying to salvage the flawed, often fraudulent November 28 electoral process is the cost involved in starting from zero. The international community is now understanding what the implications of another flawed election might be.

The 2005 selection of Rene Preval, through the interference of MINUSTAH, left Haiti with what was basically an unconstitutional government. Preval had less than the required 51% in the first round of voting to be named outright winner. MINUSTAH gave him 51% when the Haitian public believed he would have been defeated in the second round, perhaps by Charles Baker,  as candidates, opposing Preval, placed their support behind one candidate – Baker.

Preval’s  government has been a disaster.

He has done nothing and his reaction to the 2008 hurricane and 2010 earthquake have been less than satisfactory.

Preval has effectively poisoned the entire electoral process  through his control of the CEP – Electoral Council – and outright meddling in the actual voting process and counting of ballots.

The only way to guarantee a real government for Haiti is to nullify the November 28, 2010 results in total. A new CEP – independent of Preval’s influence – must be appointed.  Proper elections must be planned, coordinated and funded to guarantee true results that reflect the will of Haiti’s 9,000,000 people, young and old.

To do this, some international observers are preparing a plan that would see Preval step down and be replaced by an interim leader, such as Madame Michele Pierre-Louis or Senate President Doctor Kelly Bastien.  The interim leader would supervise the election plans that would see a vote in August, 2011. This date would allow time to plan/prepare and campaign. It would also provide a date that does not interfere with school.

The few millions required for a free-fair-elections are nothing when compared with the damage done by another ill-conceived administration, like that of Rene Preval.


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