February 23, 2018

We sometimes take one action, without completing and important second action.

Changing ones socks, without washing your feet, does not solve the challenge.

You still smell.

So it is with changing the cabinet, without solving the underlying problems. There is still a smell, a potentially fatal infection.

We understand that President Moise is – at this moment – considering a change of his Cabinet in an honest effort to improve his government’s efficiency, it capabilities, is hope for survival, our future, the Nation’s future.

All too often cabinet ministers are chosen to satisfy some sort of political obligations. The choices are rarely based upon the candidate’s professions/personal capabilities in the ministry’s field.

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Matching a capable person with the Minister’s position is just a matter of luck, not planning. Then we are faced with a couple of layers in control, also dependent upon political or personal considerations. The Secretary General and Director General’s slots can help create an effective Ministry or cripple it.

An then, there are thousands of jobs for people who do not contribute anything. These have been handed out to friends of friends with no consideration of the national welfare or function.

A good example can be found in the Information Ministry. The minister admits he is not an expert in the field but recognizes the fact he is supported by many, inside the Ministry,  who have an agenda out of step with that adopted by President Moise.

Unfortunately, this is not the exception to the rule. It seems to be the governing reality.

Jovenel Moise is an outsider in many cases.

The important Interior Ministry has a focus that does not favor the Moise government survival. St Albin’s actions are more likely to alienate the  population, than generate support.

And then there Is Justice: President Moise  recently placed an important dossier before the Minister Heidi Fortuné, that of solving the challenge of Preventative Detention. Within moments of this challenge the subject was lost in “pissing contest” over territorial rights.


Over 7,000 Haitians remain illegally detained under Preventative Detention.

Camille Edouard Jr. The last Minister of Justice, stole the cash for prison food. 23 prisoners died of starvation. The ex-Minister is not in jail.

More impunity!


And more Impunity as criminals get elected to Senate and Chamber in order to avoid Justice!

And there is the Moise delegated Latortue control of ONA . This is like a man buying ammunition for his enemy’s guns. ONA is a constant, criminal source of funding for the Lavalas/Latortue faction. The recent, massive loan to Latortue’s wife, at 3% when others pay UNIBANK 14% interest is a small example of the millions bled from this public treasury.


Gedeon as PNH Chief is another important sector that remains outside the “loyalty circle” for President Moise. Gedeon in an Aristide/Lavalas loyalist  and Presidential hopeful – who will never be supportive of the Moise government. President Moise should have “changed this pair of socks” immediately after taking office.


This article might seem somewhat unfocused, but it is dealing with an unfocused subject.

President Moise is a General without an army. The PHTK is supposedly his party but they act like the Opposition. President Martelly is with him, but isn’t with him. President Moise has insiders who act for their own agenda, with no concern for that of our President, or the Nation.

The fact that all progress, under previous governments, was dependent upon PETROCARIBE is ignored. Our generation’s old loyalty to Venezuela is abandoned as one focus changes our petroleum supply from Venezuela to the Spot Market. They guy involved knows nothing about the petroleum industry and managed to have the first load delivered in a boat to big for delivery to Haiti.

images business


The Spot Market is supportive of personal gain, but is not in th best long-term economic interests of the Nation. Same can be said for the POTENTATES OF POWER, Sogenor, E-Power nd Haytrak as they rape the electrical network. Our cost per kilowatt hour is out of control.

potentates of power

Each individual, or group agenda cuts away at the Moise effort to save us.  Soon there will be nothing to save.

The realty of Haitian life must be faced.

The Ship of State is in danger of foundering!


All of these individual and group agendas do not really care about the Moise Presidency, its goals, or the Nation’s survival. These elements can “change their socks,” change their loyalty, at a moment’s notice. They have, in the past.

But the smell remains.


Our next Cabinet must be chosen from the best people we have, ignoring their political philosophy, not selected “because” of their philosophy, so long as they are committed to the Nation’s well-being and the success of Jovenel Moise’s Presidency.

Surely, among our 12,000,000 there must be two dozen really committed people who can lead this government to the success we deserve.

They deserve this.



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