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Strong aftershock rattles north Haiti day after deadly quake

A magnitude 5.2 aftershock struck Haition Sunday, even as survivors of the previous day’s temblor were sifting through the rubble of their cinderblock homes. The…

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At least 12 dead and more than 100 hurt in Haiti earthquake, with toll likely to rise

By Monique O. Madan And Jacqueline Charles Edited by by adding quote below from PM Ceant. Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant said a…

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Trembelment de Terre October 6 2018 Haiti

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Le tremblement de terre de magnétude 5.9 a causé des dégâts à Plaisance. La façade principale de l’église catholique s’est effondrée. Une maison située à côté de l’église s’est effondrée également.

Substantial earthquake in vicinity Port de Paix. Injuries, death and damage. Hospitals closed  More word as this develops. Les soeurs de Saint Paul de Chartres…