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Photos: Anti-Trump Protest Forces U.S. Embassy Lockdown in Haiti After President’s Alleged ‘Shithole Country’ Remarks

Haitians marched in the streets Monday to protest President Donald Trump. They criticized the U.S. leader as “talking shit” while performing a voodoo ceremony and…

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International NGOs back Haiti’s Undermining of Dominican Sovereignty- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By Jonathan D’Oleo There is a historic sentiment in Haiti that the island it shares with the Dominican Republic should be one and indivisible –…

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US Embassy in Haiti temporarily closed after anti-Trump protests

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti was temporarily closed on Monday, The Associated Press reported, after  demonstrators took to the streets in Port-au-Prince to protest President Trump….

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Le Président Jovenel Moïse visite la Centrale électrique des Irois

Port-au-Prince, le samedi 20 janvier 2018-Le Président de la République, Son Excellence Monsieur Jovenel Moïse, accompagné du Premier ministre, Jacques Guy Lafontant, a visité, le…

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930 Haitians arrested in 24 hours in the Province of Samaná DR

Haiti Libre: Within the  framework of the ban to stay device on the Dominican territoryof those  in an irregular migratory situation, set up by Lieutenant General…

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Prezidan Repiblik la vizite santral elektrik lèziwa a

Pòtoprens, samdi 20 janvye 2018: Prezidan Repiblik la, Ekselans Jovenel Moïse, ki te gen bò kotel, Premye Minis lan, Doktè Jack Guy Lafontant , vizite…

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Poz Premye wòch pou konstriksyon wout 2e seksyon Ansdeno

Pòtoprens, samdi 20 janvye 2018: Prezidan Repiblik la Ekselans Jovenel Moïse, akonpanye ak Premye Minis lan, doktè Jack Guy Lafontant ak kèk otorite lokal, vizite…

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VP Pence defends the Indefensible:VP defends Trump over vulgar remarks on African immigrants- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Jan 22 2018 By KEN THOMAS Associated Press January 22, 2018 01:48 PM JERUSALEM U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday defended President Donald Trump…

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Jan 22, 2018 Here is a good video for the basis for Biscayne Boulevards leap from a small town street to a megopolis – almost…

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Conan O’Brien lets Haitians fire back at Trump

Conan O’Brien is giving Haitians the chance to fire back at President Trump after the president reportedly referred to Haiti, among others, as “shithole countries.”…