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Show Me the Money, Haiti

Bill O’Rielly- Show Me the Money, Haiti It is easy to ask for money. It is much more difficult to see that it is honestly…

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Haiti’s election a farce too far, even by recent standards

By Brian Fitzpatrick California Representative Maxine Waters recently called upon the Government of Haiti “to set aside the flawed November 28th elections and organize new…

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Haiti cholera death rate slows, toll nears 4,000-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE – The death rate in Haiti’s months-long cholera outbreak has slowed significantly in the last week of reported cases, according to the latest official…

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In Haiti, as Montas Sues Duvalier While Paid by UN, Stonewall by UN on Whether Lawsuit Vetted Under UN Rules, & by Whom

By Matthew Russell Lee UNITED NATIONS, January 20 — The criminal complaint in Haiti against Baby Doc Duvalier was filed by Michele Montas, who is…

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Personal Address to Haiti From ARISTIDE

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Duvalier: I have no presidential ambitions

BY JACQUELINE CHARLES PORT-AU-PRINCE — Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier disputed reports by one of his lawyers and a former government functionary Wednesday declaring that…