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Recycled trash to fuel Haiti

Before the recent earthquake, Haiti was no stranger to natural disasters. In recent years, thousands of people have been killed by floods and landslides. To…

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Haiti Wants Food Aid to Stop? Government Says Generous Public Outpouring Is Interfering with Economy, Drawing Non-Victims to Camps and Enticing Corruption

(CBS) Of all the things you’ve heard about earthquake aid to Haiti, here’s something you probably didn’t know: Haiti’s government wants large-scale food assistance and…

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UN launches website to track Haiti aid use

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The United Nations has launched a new website to track the estimated 9.9 billion dollars in aid pledged to Haiti by the international…

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Recent Quake centered next door-Magnintude 5.1 – Mona Passage, Dominican Republic- 2010 April 18 20:16:39 UTC