UN launches website to track Haiti aid use

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The United Nations has launched a new website to track the estimated 9.9 billion dollars in aid pledged to Haiti by the international community in the wake of a devastating January 12 earthquake.

The site, a joint project between the UN Development Programme and the Haitian government, will promote efficient spending while “ensuring transparency and accountability of the use of their funds,” a UN statement said.

“The system tracks the money from pledge to impact,” the statement added.

UN Resident Coordinator Nigel Fisher said the project would serve two key constituencies.

“We believe it addresses all the concerns of the international community as to how the funds will be spent, by whom and for what,” he said.

“It also provides a portal through which the people of Haiti can monitor use of the funds and hold their elected representatives accountable for how those funds are spent.”

At a meeting in New York in March, 138 countries and numerous international organizations pledged to deliver 5.3 billion dollars to Haiti over the next two years and a total of 9.9 billion dollars over three years.

At least 220,000 people were killed and some 1.3 million people were left homeless by the 7.0-magnitude quake that struck Haiti on January 12, devastating the country’s capital Port-au-Prince.

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  1. The wolf is in the hen house now that the UN is involved in supervising the funds.

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