$2 billion sought to overhaul ruined Haiti schools

AP) – 10 hours ago

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The Inter-American Development Bank is seeking $2 billion to expand access to Haitian schools.

President Rene Preval and Bank President Luis Moreno announced the five-year program Saturday. It could be among the first presented for possible funding by the new Haitian Interim Reconstruction Commission co-chaired by Bill Clinton.

The program aims to rebuild a system in shambles before nearly 4,000 schools were destroyed. Its advisers include Louisiana post-Katrina school superintendent Paul Vallas.

Nearly all Haitian schools are private, forcing parents to spend food money on books, uniforms and tuition. Just one in 10 Haitian teachers is a qualified educator.

The bank’s program calls for the adoption of a national curriculum, teacher training and facility improvements.



Preval’s view of education,  for Haiti’s children, is a cynical one.

During his two presidencies, Preval, and his people, have stolen the money budgeted for education.

Jacques Alexis, as his Minister of Education, stole a fortune….some of which he used to buy two expensive homes in Canada.  And now, Alexis want to be President.

They have stolen funds, set aside for poor childrens’ scholarships.

Under Prevals present government over one-third of Haiti’s children do not attend any sort of school. Many other have attended  school for a few weeks, then had to drop out because their families are too poor to pay the fees. The government has money, but Preval and his friends have siphoned this off.

Preval has not paid his civil service. He has stolen this money and expects the international community to make up the shortfall.

If it wasn’t for groups like the Baptist Mission, there would be no quality education in Haiti. The public system is a crime!!. The Baptist Mission teaches roughly 11 percent of Haiti’s students at its schools around the country. The Mission of Hope has almost 20,000 kids in its network of schools.

Billions for schools would be great….but, Preval simply sees this as another area in which he, and his friends, can steal another fortune.

Haiti’s only hope, for now and the future, is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION…

Nothing will be accomplished while Preval is in office. He has proved his complete and total disregard for the education of Haiti’s children throughout both of his presidential terms in office, and the one as Aristide’s Prime Minister.

A new broom sweeps clean: Preval must go.

Schooling will be saved by his replacement.


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