There was some optimism, among the hotel/restaurant sector of Haiti’s economy. Businessmen, and representatives of ONGs were travelling to Haiti in efforts to coordinate the reconstruction projects, scheduled to bring Haiti back to life.

The Kinham was full and worked to create more rooms, near the airport. The Caraibe rushed to complete a few dozen new rooms. Others did the same.

In less than a week all of this has changed. Now this push has been paralyzed by the insecure situation that exists.

One major hotel has just experienced a complete and total cancellation of all reservations. Its rooms are empty. There is no one in the bar or restaurant.

All other hotels mirror this situation.

Haitians are not going out at night, now that the kidnap situation has revived.

PAX PREVAL and STABILITY PREVAL are working to guarantee a cancellation of the November elections and justification for the renewal of the MINUSTAH mandate.  Preval’s partners, within the MINUSTAH leadership welcome the instability as a justification to cancel elections and to remain in Haiti for another expensive, non-productive 12 months.

More children will die of starvation.

More UN MINIUSTAH people will receive the keys to new Toyota Land Cruisers.

Perhaps there is a lesson here, if anyone is watching.


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