Yéle Vert Lauches Environmental Education

GONAIVES, February 22, 2011: In its first year of operation, Yéle Vert enlisted 350 volunteer farmers to grow trees. At the start of each growing season, these same farmers receive seeds, tools and training to improve their crop yields. Over the past two months, renowned Haitian environmentalist Jane Wynne has been instrumental in adding an environmental education component to Yéle Vert, working to develop a curriculum that will be used to introduce the children of these same farmers to the importance of planting and protecting trees, along with a general appreciation of nature.

Ms. Wynne runs Wynne Farm an ecological reserve, training center and environmental education facility in the Kenscoff area. The reserve is the only one of its kind in Haiti, with a unique collection of introduced and endangered species of trees and shrubs from every region of the country. Some miles away from the reserve, the training center hosts a wide range of visitors of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn about the path to restoring the beleaguered natural heritage of Haiti.

PHOTO: Jane Wynne, right, with Yéle Vert education director Rosie Despeignes (left) in an environmental education class with children of the farmers at the Yéle Vert nursery in the farming community of Mapou, near Gonaives. Photo: Yéle Haiti.

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