2 thoughts on “Wyclef addresses criticism and allegations against his mismanagement fo funds-IN THIS VIDEO

  1. Wow. What an inarticulate fool. He will bring shame to Haiti, and the only people that will vote for him are ignorant children

    1. I heard the BBC interview where Wyclef demonstrates that he does not know the difference between the words implement, and implicate.
      A loose quote of what he said is ” I have these plans for Haiti, and I am the right person to implicate them” I think he meant to say implement them, but he doesn’t even have a bachelor degree, and has not even taken the initiative to learn the language of the country that he has been raised in……And to top it off, you are actually serious about thinking he can be president?? I am shocked at how foolish some of you are being, blindly supporting this sloppy super star.

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