Woman candidate leads presidential election polls in Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) — Presidential candidate of Haiti’s Group of Nationalist Democratic Miyrlande Manigat led the polls of voting intention in Haiti, Haitian press reported on Friday.

According to information reaching here from Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, Manigat has 23 percent of voting intentions two months before the elections.

According to the poll published by the Informatics, Economy Development and Social Investigation Bureau (BRIDES), candidate of Respeto Party Charles Henry Backer is behind Manigat with 17.3 percent of the voting intentions.

Meanwhile, Jude Celistin, the candidate of the ruling party, is located third place with 7.8 percent.

The elections in Haiti will be hosted in Nov. 28 with 29 presidential candidates, 861 candidates for 11 seats in the Senate and 99 seats for the Deputy Chamber.

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9 thoughts on “Woman candidate leads presidential election polls in Haiti

  1. right, I see Manigat in the palace with none stop voodo rituals days and night just like The men did during his short rulling.they beleive so much in voodo that national tvs and radios displayed nothing but voodo rituals.
    a culture that support crime by using magic power to kill, burrying live animal and humen,tranforming humen into animal and afterward sell them in the public market as meat,a culture that force every single hatian politicain to visite mostly once a week their voodo priest in order to pay their vows.vows that consist in sacrifices and sacrifices that are nothing else then blood shed. animal human and the younger the blood is the better it is. this is why babies disapear and dye mainly in Haiti.some folks say that Aristid ordered to sacrifice many babbies by maching them in pilons and put their juice under each one of the seats and monuments that was build during his rulling,other oppose the critics,but at the end,who ever support that culture called voodo in my opinion,should be considered a criminal cause the same compel u to make sacrifice. remember,the younger the blood the more efficient the result.God protect the new born in this land.with Manigat in the palace more curse will come on Haiti unless she changes her mentality with the voodo practice.Haiti need to be free from this curse.only in Haiti caves are full with candels, dead chicken head and all those discusting practice do u call this a culture? think it again evil prevails in Haiti how do u expect the blood shed not calling for justice?

  2. REPLY TO JEAN–Only in haiti,you’ll find specimen like Jean.A blatant case of self destruction,self hatred,self ignorance,offensively noisy and loud as if he really have a clue of what he’s talking about.I hope no haitian kids come in contact with your garbage.this is’nt about Mirlande Manigat or any other politicians for that matter.this is so freaking harmful to our culture and our image.you clearly the kind of help white supremacist will cheer on.May God bless Haiti…

  3. i hope a woman leader change the condition of the people in haiti. such as ; education;crime prevention;security for all;better sanition condition;housing the homeless;improve the economic situation for the people; create new hospital service for the poor; enforce the law to prevent corruption;create a business ,or venture office to encourage citizens to come back; have a gorv that the people can have access to and beleive on .appointed qualify people for the job openning . have more communication with the citizen in regard to our gov goals and where they spend the money.

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  5. guys I do not care who you vote for. i care more about what will come to the country when voodo rituals is resounding again everywhere. on tvs radio and the court yard of the palace turning into voodo temple. I never said that manigat did not have the best intentions for the country,the man tried a lot during his short rulling i can take bip ti cheri for example that was a try to reduce the destruction of what is left of our flora.
    However,puting the voodo to sound everywhere like he did,did not bring any better for the country.I repeat, I am against whom ever practice the killing in sacrifice of wheather animal or human. this should be called a crime.not a culture to be embraced.this is what vodoo demands.like I said before,With manigat on power,there will be more voodo practice and crime called sacrifice unless she shanges her mentality not following the foot print of her husband.yes intellectualy they have the capacity to change everything,but their ignorance with that vodoo ritual will block them and will do more harm to the country than good.

  6. Nationalism is the way for Haiti. We must take care of each other and keep all the corrupt NGOS like Red Cross and the United Nations troops as well as the Americans off our land. We must align ourselves with countries like Russia, China, Cuba and we must lean away from corruption. L’UNION FAIT LA FORCE!!!

  7. She is a nationalist and i tink that the country needs someone who is a nationlist, someone who is about Haiti and only Haiti. Too much outside interference, the un, united states, and all the non profits are in Haiti trying to benefit off of Haitian misery and we need to stop this, get off our backs and fight back. stand up. Isolationlism and Nationalism.

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