There are indications that Michel Martelly may move against an uncooperative parliament that includes many drug dealers, murderers and simple thieves. Senator Lambert is a classic example of all three and he was a favorite of Ambassador J.Anderson. They are blocking his effort to form a government and he may well turn the hose on them. The next few days will be exciting.


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  1. A man is a man.
    A president ia president.
    A boss is a boss.
    A clean president is a sample.
    A heroe is a heroe.

    To change Haiti we need a clean president.
    To clean the mess we need courage.
    To save Haiti Martelly need to show willingness to sacrifice himself, friends, interests,and put Haiti first.Martelly is a sign of times like is Barack Obama up here.

    Go Martelly because your are not alone. As said Ambassador Merten, we are backing you up, do the right thing to start moving the rocks and make sure the you miss one of them, the suppose to be arrested, otherwise, the people and the nation will do the job.

    Enough is enough.

    All gangs leaders, to whatsoever Institutions they belong to must be arrested and brought to justice.

    No more powerful former presidents, no more former or active senators, deputies,prime ministers, ministers,magistrates,police commanders,directors,delagates, and so on…you need to clean the system once forever.

    Do not fear
    Do not fear
    Do not fear!

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