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EO 12958 N/A
SUBJECT: Personally Engaging on Haiti

  1. The US secretary of state sends a message to all diplomatic posts asking them to address “irresponsible journalism” on the US’s humanitarian mission after the Haiti earthquake. Key passage highlighted in yellow

1. The tragic earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath pose enormous challenges to the people of Haiti, our nation, and the entire world community. As we seek to rescue trapped victims, assist survivors, and help Haiti begin to rebuild, the American people and our government have marshaled unprecedented resources to help, reflecting the best of our nation’s values.

2. I am deeply concerned by instances of inaccurate and unfavorable international media coverage of America’s role and intentions in Haiti. This misinformation threatens to undermine the international partnership needed to help the people of Haiti, and to damage our international engagement across the range of issues. It is imperative to get the narrative right over the long term. Where you see ill-informed or distorted perspectives in your host country media, I direct you as Chief of Mission to personally contact media organizations at the highest possible level – owners, publishers, or others, as appropriate – to push back and insist on informed and responsible coverage of our actions and intentions, and to underscore the U.S. partnership with the Government of Haiti, the United Nations, and the world community. It is important that you and other members of your Embassy team engage opinion-makers in setting the record straight on America’s commitment to assist the Haitian people and government in recovering from this disaster.

3. I also ask you to report back to me through your Assistant Secretary, citing specific examples of irresponsible journalism in your host countries, and what action you have taken in response. This is a personal priority for me and I will be looking for your reports.

4. The Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, working with your regional Public Diplomacy Offices and your Public Affairs Officers at post, will ensure you have the latest facts and talking points. The Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) has assembled a regularly updated Haiti Earthquake Assistance page to assist your efforts: e- assistance. The Under Secretary will also coordinate a regular ALDAC cable conveying the latest facts and talking points.

5. Please let Under Secretary McHale and your regional Assistant Secretary know if you need additional information or other support to carry out this important engagement effort.



This is really a good one!!

We have known that Hillary and Bill Clinton effectively muzzled the media during the Aristide presidencies.  I questioned friends in the media as to why things were happening, that should be reported, and nothing was done. To a man/woman they all said that efforts to tell the truth had been made but their efforts were rebuffed by their editors, and higher, because of Clinton administration efforts.

People died because of the Clinton efforts.

A nation effectively died as the Clintons covered up murder, drug smuggling, kidnaps and massive theft of international funding and  Haitian assets.

Three days before Bill Clinton visited Haiti, in 1995, to hand control to a UN team, Mireille Durocher-Bertin was assassinated by a hit team dispatched by Rene Preval and coordinated by Beaubrun, his Interior Minister. The American embassy knew what had happened, and who was responsible. The American general in charge, knew what had happened, and who was responsible. In fact, because of what they knew, Rene Preval was kept under house arrest and was not allowed to attend the handing over ceremonies. …

The FBI came to assist in the investigation and quit, in disgust, when their efforts were derailed, at the highest levels. I have spoken to a senior member of this team and he told me that the Clinton administration had blocked their efforts and The Bureau quit!

We possessed tapes of the radio transmissions between the killers as they stalked Mireille Durocher-Bertin! We knew who the killers were!! We still do, but nothing was ever done. American visas were never revoked.

A previous attempt was mounted by a team using an Interior Ministry vehicle, with guns from the Interior Ministry and the Interior Minister’s private phone number in one of the hit men’s pockets!!!  The five guys arrested, by the American Army,  immediately spilled the beans!! Yet, no action!!!

And this criminal activity continues, within the highest level of the Haitian government, and no one takes action!!

Get Ambassador Merten to take a polygraph test on one subject of which I have personal knowledge.

Just ask the ambassador whether or not it is true that Hillary Clinton sent Cheryl Mills to Haiti on a special mission, before the abortive Haitian elections. She told the ambassador that “The Clintons did not want the election to proceed..” (Succeed??)  Just ask him a yes or no type of question!

Seems as though the Clintons wanted some sort of Interim Government headed by an easily controlled person….such as Bellerive or Michele Pierre-Louis.

The entire election fiasco, that will destroy this nation, if not corrected, is a result of Hillary Clinton’s refusal to use America’s influence to help Haiti. The Canadians wanted to withhold election funding, until Preval created a really independent CEP….but the Americans wimped out – on Hillary’s direct command – and said that they accepted Preval’s guarantee of fairness… just as was said by the UN.

How can you trust some son-of-a-bitch that you know has killed, kidnapped, raped, run cocaine and has stolen hundreds of millions from a starving people??!!  And you know this!!. If you don’t it  shows an incompetence at a staggering level since the CIA and DIA have sent true information to Washington. From the Wikileaks cables, I can see that Ambassador Sanderson was obviously somewhere else – certainly not in Haiti. She was an embarrassment as she kissed Preval’s ass, along with that of a major drug king, Senator Lambert!

And Preval is the one they refer to as “Haiti’s only hope!” What an insult to a proud people. They hate Preval to a man/woman and never picked him as President. He was placed there by MINUSTAH when they illegally increased his 23% vote to 51% in order to avoid a run-off.

Why is this?

Perhaps it is because some of this criminal money found its way to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

There are many, within the diplomatic and media community who believe this. The Haitians take this concept as Gospel.

They also believe that the Clintons have, or will make millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, from Bill’s incompetent role in controlling funds for Haiti’s recovery.  He seems to have “personal discretionary control”  over $2,500,000,000.

That is frightening!!

There you go, Hillary!!!

Have the Ambassador talk to my boss to keep me from saying what I believe is true.

His name is God and he has embassies all over the place, however, my line of communication is direct!!!!


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  1. It’s about time, almost everyone: (Except OBAMA) realizes the Clintons are not the Right OCCUPIERS for Haiti. One of Clintons main political allied, The US congressional Black Caucus recently mentioned, Clinton (IS NOT FIT) to Governed Haiti.

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