Michael Collins, Portland, Oregon, April 14, 2017

We have been treated to American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s   sophomoric comments which only confirm  her complete and total lack of knowledge, with regard to the ongoing Haitian situation.

Some say any situation.

Another American High School Lab experiment in progress with Haitians as the guinea pigs. When I was in high school, I got a frog in formaldehyde.  Ambassador Haley gets an entire Nation of living people.

Her naiveté, when speaking of the PNH situation, is stunning. It is as thought the entire MINUSTAH crime was a success. We  just need a couple of small revisions. In actual fact, the United States has wasted a fortune    rebuilding our PNH without any effective follow-up.

During the mid-nineties Canadian and American police authorities spent tens of millions, training young Haitians as a foundation for what was to be a politically neutral,  professional PNH, dedicated to the Haitian Nation.  It was supposed to be a countervailing force to Aristide’s predicted grab at dictatorial power.

In the same game the International Community had brought Aristide back to Haiti in the firm belief the Forces Armees d’Haiti (FAdH) would act as a countervailing force against his predicted grab for dictatorial power.

Aristide derailed this childish concept with dollars, American Dollars stolen during his first Presidency, from American government funding!

Via the illegal creation of a new General, he had his “Creation” disband the FAdH, removing this barrier. Then he turned his focus upon the PNH. He would simply saturate it with his own hand-picked men.

During the first part of 1995 Cite Soleir was terrorized by the Army Rouge, led by a psychopath with dreadlocks. Aristide decried the situation as PNH officers, led by Danny Toussaint,  were attacked, and killed, by this group.

In March,  Aristide visited Cite Soleir, with a group of PNH officers, and embraced the Army Rouge gang leader. Seems as though Aristide was financing them all along. When he asked one young, Canadian-trained PNH officers to embrace the gang leader, she refused. To do so would violate everything she had been trained for. The look in Aristide’s eyes said it all. Marie Christine Jeune had signed her Death Warrant.

A few days later her beaten mutilated body was discovered by some children. She had been raped and beheaded.

The message to all was clear. Where the concept was actually going should have been obvious to our American brothers many years ago,

Sometimes one needs what psychologist refer to as “reinforcement.” Aristide is a graduate psychologist.


June 5, 1995:  American Secretary of State Warren Christopher accompanied President Clinton to  an OAS Summit at what was then Club Med. As part of the activities Christopher accompanied Aristide to the graduation ceremony  at the National Palace. This was the graduation of the first course of 375 locally trained PNH officers.

Christopher took the podium to deliver an extremely emotional appeal to the young, freshly minted PNH officers. He told  them their loyalty must be to the Nation, not an individual or organization.

No applause.

Christopher was followed by a smiling Aristide who took stage, stood behind the podium, with both hands resting on its top. Aristide maintained silence as he slowly scanned the room, making eye contact with the new officers. Smiling a smile, that never reached his eyes, Aristide swung his gaze to Warren Christopher – locking eyes with the American.  “Who are you loyal to?” challenged Aristide.

To a man/woman, the new class leapt to their feet chanting…. “Lavalas!… Lavalas!!! … Lavalas!!!”  If one listened closely, you could hear the echoes of Hitler’s challenge and reply of his Nuremberg  rallies.


Aristide smiled, smiled, smiled. Nodding slightly toward Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Bill Clinton’s personal representative.

Aristide had won, the message was embarrassingly clear.

America’s leading statesman, Warren Christopher, jumped to his feet and scuttled from the room. After brief conferences with a couple of foreign dignitaries he drove to the airport, and departed.

“Troubles in Somalia demanded his attention.”

Warren Christopher  could have confronted Aristide, at that moment, blocking this thrust for control of the PNH, but he didn’t.

The Los Angeles Times described the incident:

“Christopher Joins Aristide at Haiti Police Graduation:   Secretary of State Warren Christopher met briefly with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Sunday and spoke at a deeply emotional graduation ceremony at the Presidential Palace for the first 375 cadets of a new national police force.

Christopher cut short his planned two-day trip to this nation still recovering from three years of military rule, returning to Washington on Sunday night.

He had been planning to attend the 25th annual meeting here of the Organization of American States, which formally begins today at a Club Med resort outside Port-au-Prince. Instead, Christopher held brief meetings with several Latin American foreign ministers Sunday before returning to Washington.”


And so, Aristide proceeded to fire all PNH officers who had been trained in the States or Canada. He then personally selected each, and every officer on the force, so we have inherited much of this today.  Aristide’s fingerprints remain.


MANY YEARS LATER: Final days of Election Campaign 2016 – Gedeon,  the  Lavalas-oriented PNH Chief promised immediate and firm action against those who initiated unauthorized political demonstrations, then adopted a cunning ruse.

An illegal  march would start at – let’s say- Aeroport Road, headed up Delmas to Petion-Ville.  The gathering would be monitored by PNH teams, on site, coordinating with higher authority.

Once the manifestation  moved forward, Higher Authority shut off its cell phones and the PNH people, near the mob, could get no direction.

A formula for disaster and disaster is exactly what the Higher Authority wanted.


Our Police Chief Ange Gedeon is no dummy, just an enemy of the people.

At the moment we have a PNH with a number of masters, overseen by Ange Gedeon, a Chief with strong Lavalas interests. He was placed there by Privert, to give the Jovenel team less than  the Nation deserves.

Jovenel’s failure is the underlying goal, to create the basic foundation for a Lavalas take-over.  Aristide is the power behind the scenes, focused upon one final embarrassment, humiliation for the Americans before he dies.

The PNH focus is not upon the Nation.

Some are loyal to Lavalas, some were loyal to Preval, others to Celestin, teams support drug dealers, businessmen, and hopefully Jovenel has his own base.

This fragmentation should have been dealt with while MINUSTAH was here but they effectively did zero!

Now that they have defanged MINUSTAH, by removing the soldiers, the naïve, like American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, believe   the left over UN police will solve our problem.

A few Indians, who don’t speak French and probably fewer who speak Creole!

Won’t work!

We have systemic problems that must be solved before anyone can be satisfied with our PNH.

Before you can expect a firm loyalty from the PNH society must also show a loyalty to them and their families.

Basically, they are poorly paid.

How can you expect a young man, with children expecting a chance at school, to cope with these unavoidable expenses on a wage that simply does not meet minimal requirements for a houseboy?

2 + 2 does not = 6 and if 6 is the very, very minimal amount to survive one the balance must come from somewhere else.

Not Rocket Science.

So a variety of elements supply cash to poor policemen and gain their loyalty. Those who do not play the game – and try to be what we want them to be, what the Americans expect – are in danger of elimination. Some brave guys are killed. Some bad guys are killed as PNH officers are targeted to send messages to the community.


President Jovenel Moise must seek the answer to the very real problems facing members of the PNH who would like to really SERVE AND PROTECT.

Some are not overwhelming like providing shower facilities in the Petion-Ville Caserne. One can only imagine the conditions prisoners face, if our officers exist as they do.

Some are not so simple, such as eliminating Aristide’s deep-seated influence, along with that of the drug sector.

If our community really wants law-and-order there are prices that must be paid.

And one of these is a realistic basic income.  Not much to ask. However, like paying school teachers, instead of blowing millions, on Land cruisers for Senators, it seems to be impossibility.

Jovenel is now dealing with economic realities, inherited from Privert’s Pillage.  He has seen the PNH poorly paid and 23,000 teachers not paid at all, while the Senate and Chamber of Deputies are paid a fortune, and steal more.

Time to eliminate the SENATE and use the saved funding to pay our PNH officers!! Then the PNH officers could arrest all of the out-of-work Senators and put them where they belong – in jail without immunity!

The challenges are overwhelming,

We wish him success.

The Nation’s future depends upon this.

Our children’s future, their children’s’ future and their children’s’ children’s’ future is in the balance – TODAY!



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