January 1, 2015

President Michel Martelly gave a lackluster New Year’s speech in Gonaives today. The New Year speech is – by tradition – an opportunity for the President to outline his plans for the Nation.

If today’s speech is any indication of what to expect over the next 12 months, we are in trouble.

He promised his intention to organize elections, but was not really that convincing.

For the first time in Haitian history, our situation is not one of economics or politics. The situation is simply DRUGS!!!

From day one, Martelly’s presidency had problems, but these flaws were overlooked by his young supporters, supporters whose age group make up 54% of the population. However, even these enthusiasts can lose their focus when they finally understand thet Sweet Mickey has lost direction, after his brother-in-law took center stage in his assault on Haiti’s popular, effective Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

It must be understood, and appreciated, that Kiko’s problems, with the Americans, will not go away with President Martelly’s betrayal of Prime Minister Lamothe and – as a result – the Nation.

Kiko may have doomed us to a situation is which Aristide’s new drive for power will succeed.

This year – 2015 – will be known as THE YEAR OF ARISTIDE which is the same as saying  THE YEAR OF THE DRUG DEALERS , unless something is done to prevent this disaster. The funds which are funding the destabilization of Haitian Democracy come  directly from Aristide and the Drug Community. They cannot accept any sort of responsible Democratic governance.

Martelly talked about the Nation.

Unfortunately, he did not talk for the Nation.

Martelly must remember this is not on “his fight” it is the fight of all people. He must behave and not lose the support of the Nation.

Everything depends on him.

He must choose between the drug dealers and the people of Haiti – The Nation.

Unfortunately, we are not optimistic.


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  1. We have unfortunate lucks. Martelly is fine. Lamothe was great. Sophia is greed beyond compare. Kiko is our biggest problem. Our problems unelected but control destiny.

  2. Martelly said he has appointed Evans Paul to “finish what he started.” And, exactly what is/was that?? Put a government that can talk to and understand the mob?

    Martelly and Sophia holding hands like lovebirds. She took copy of speech after delivery, ignoring Protocol Officer.

    Seems to have thrown Lamothe under the bus.

    Sophia sat there throughout speech talking to her girlfriend Florence Guillaume.

    A demonstration of no class.

    The speech had no energy.

    An embarrassment for the Nation.

    Martelly has betrayed the Nation.

    If he lasts beyond Carnival I will be surprised.

    Send Sophia to the International Criminal Court for action. She is not above the law.

    She must pay for what she has done to Haiti and for the money she has stolen.

  3. Kiko St. Remy contrôle Sophie et Michel.
    Haïti est un Narco-État.
    Où sont les Amerians, quand nous en avons besoin ?

  4. It is important to analyze one comment, made by Martelly.

    He said he had chosen a new Prime Minister (Evans Paul) to complete the work he had started.

    I thought that Laurent Lamothe was the one who was handling the work Martelly started – creation of better Security… initiating a better Educational system … bringing business to Haiti… creating a Tourist Industry. Seems as though this was going very well.

    Obviously these were not Martelly’s goals.

    Instead, they are somehow linked – if we take his words seriously – with Evans Paul and his violent, terrorist, criminal past, linked to much of the drug society.

    Evans Paul is a bum and I guess the original thoughts of Martelly are true. He is also a bum, controlled by his wife kleptomaniac Sophia, brother-in-law Kiko – a major DEA drug target… and his other low life friends like Lafamilia and crew.

    We must get the Nation back on course, or the much brighter Aristide will leave Martelly standing naked on a street corner, which is something different than dropping his pants on stage.

    Where is Laurent Lamothe when we need him?

  5. We must recollect President’s guarantee at attack against crime, no matter where it might exist. Then personally he are exposed to $2,200,000 “gift” from dominican senator. Worse come from then as Sophia drinks the life from ministries who gift her cash each month. Affaires Sociales is Santa Claus as is Education and FAES.

    Sadly end a happy beginning.

  6. Martelly a promis l’intégrité et nous a donné la criminalité

    1. Exactly. Thanks Lee, and welcome to the conversation on this side of the globe.

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