Juin 24, 2015

Someone once said 8 dead people is a disaster, while 6,000,000 is a compost heap. The human mind cannot wrap itself around big numbers, but comprehends something they can visualize as happening in their own community.

So it is with the Dominican Republic’s Draconian decision to effectively carry out a Racial Cleansing – of some 300,000 people – with the full cooperation, and complicity of Haitian President Michel Martelly,  and his cousin, an active member of the DR’s secret service,  the  ex-Prime Minister of Haiti.

If the DR had its way they would insert Bellerive as Haiti’s next President.

Martelly and Bellerive have become rich from their criminal relationship with the Dominican Republic, while Clarise and 299,999 others lose what little they possessed.

But these are all events beyond the experience of Clarise and her two small children. Her great-great grandparents were born in the DR. Their parents had come, during the twenties, to labor under slave-like conditions of Dominican sugar cane fields.

Once again, so we understand the reality,  Clarise’s great-great grandparents were born and lived their entire lives in the DR, as has Clarise, and her two tiny children. She speaks only Spanish – no Creole, the language of Haiti.

God would say that she is Dominican, but the Catholic Archbishop says she isn’t, as does the Dominican government.

She has no known relatives in Haiti.

She has no possessions having been grabbed, off the streets, and loaded in a bus.
Her family’s world is now  a flattened cardboard box and – perhaps today – some food, handed out from a travelling kitchen.

Forget tomorrow.

Forget next week or next month.

What about tonight, if it rains?

Colds, pneumonia with no medical care available, in Haiti,  at the best of times – and these are the worst of times.




The archbishop of Santo Domingo, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, called the ruling just and nodded to a sentiment among some Dominicans that international organizations were meddling in their affairs.

“International organizations don’t rule here,” he told reporters after the ruling was announced. “I don’t accept anybody coming here to decree anything. No country, not the United States, not France, nobody. Here, we are in charge.”

Where did God find this criminal?!!!

When you have a violently racist Catholic Cardinal, overseeing The Church,  in the DR, coupled to a criminal government, both wishing to destroy Clarise, and her children, she has no options.

Perhaps she can try direct contact with God, but somehow the circuits are blocked.

There was a Man who once said – “Suffer little children to come onto me.”

Unfortunately, their hopeless  predicament, may see Clarise, and her children, face-to-face with God, but then it will be too late.

Three more lives sacrificed on the altar of greed, prejudice, disinterest and stupidity.

What does Martelly say in Confession or does his hypocrisy extend to communications with his Maker?


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15 thoughts on “WHERE DOES SHE GO??

  1. Michel Martelly a promis de prendre de son peuple. Il est leur porte-parole. Il est leur protecteur. Malheureusement, Michel et Sophia sont tout simplement gourmand. Ils ont pas de patriotisme. Ils ne vénèrent le dollar américain. Depuis Duvalier, Haïti est détériorée. Michel a offert de l’espoir. Au lieu de cela il a livré zéro.

  2. My family proposed a return to Haiti for retirement. President Martelly has changed our minds. We will remain in Montreal where people have value and the governement has “word.”

  3. Après les mensonges de Aristide et Préval Martelly offert une nouvelle route. Malheureusement, la route Martelly est juste une continuation de ce qui a précédé. Où est François Duvalier quand on a besoin de lui? Ou quelqu’un comme lui pour débarrasser Haïti du trafiquants de drogue et autres criminels.

  4. Haiti’s new Cardinal is also an embarrassment.He has many children and comes from a bad family. Archbishop Kebreau should have been the selection.

  5. We must recall Pope Pius X11 and his attitude towards Jews during World War Two. The Church is not noted for its sympathetic approach. He would be proud of his Dominican Cardinal a new Nazi.

  6. Rwanda in slow motion.
    Drive them out to starve to death in Haiti.
    Where is the United Nations, CARICOM?

  7. Dios se avergüenza.
    Los dominicanos deben ser avergonzados.
    ¿Dónde está la comunidad internacional?
    Mañana es demasiado tarde.

  8. Somebody sent me this article…

    Watch “Sweet Micky feat. TMicky _ I dont care Sob’s – Haitianbeatz.com” on YouTube – https://youtu.be/bj-Nu_RPKA8

    Pandan Dominikani ap depote ayisyen aka Dominiken ki pa menm ayisyen, mesye Ki bay tet li non presidan peyi dayiti l’irresponsable Michel Martelly et son fils a Manhattan NY chantaient we don’t care. Shame on them.

    Jedi 2 jiyè 2015, soti 3è pou 6è diswa, KOMOKODA ap manifeste devan Konsila Ayisyen nan NY la pou eksprime endiyasyon nou anfas konpòtman Michel Martelly k al gouye, di betiz, chante “I don’t care” “ki te mele bounda m” nan SOB’s nan Manhattan Vandredi 12 jen 2015 pandan Ayisyen ak desandan Ayisyen k ap sibi tout kalite mati nan Sen Domeng.

    Apre 4 lannen Mateli fè l ap touye jij, fè represyon sou pèp la, vòlè lajan peyi a, ap vann blan resous tè a pou avantaj pèsonèl li epi pase pèp Ayisyen an nan rizib, KOMOKODA kwè li lè li tan pou Ayisyen anndan kou deyò peyi a fè yon feso pou n efase lawont sa a nan figi pèp Ayisyen an!

    Jedi 2 jiyè 2015, 3pm-6pm

    Manifestasyon devan Konsila Ayisyen nan NY

    815 2nd Ave (ant 43yèm ak 44yèm Streets)Manhattan

    Oganizasyon Komo Koda

  9. Je suis un partisan Martelly. maintenant il re près de 60.000 enfants à la frontière. Olivier Martelly présentera un concert $ 1,000,000 dans le Champs de Mars demain, avec des fonds publics volés. Honte à la famille Martelly. Dieu aide Haïti. Martelly et sa famille sont des cochons

  10. I have just driven from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince. The situation at the border crossing is chaos. Tens of thousands with no shelter and no food. There are countless children of all ages. Many are crying for something as simple as water, and there is none.

    This is a Crime Against Humanity that I will never forget.

    I am supposed to board a return flight to the States, from the Dominican Republic. Instead, I will buy a ticker from here. I will never set foot in the Dominican Republic again and I will tell this story to as many ears as possible.

  11. Je regarde cela, de seconde main, de Montréal. Dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, on ne peut pas imaginer un gouvernement faire ça à des citoyens de troisième génération. Pour supprimer les immigrants illégaux qui ont seulement été dans la DR pour une année est une chose. Pour supprimer des personnes dont la famille a été là depuis 1930 est criminelle. Les Dominicains sont des nazis. Aucun Canadien ne devrait leur rendre visite en tant que touriste.

  12. To the author of this article: do you have any way getting Clarise’s contact info?

    1. Concerned Citizen- We attempted to re-locate her and her children, but sadly, it is like finding a needle in a haystack when folks are not given any ID, therefore are unable to get a telephone, let alone anything else. We will keep trying.

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