PORT-SALUT, Haiti, Sept. 2, 2011

Haitians in this remote seaside town are demanding an investigation into allegations that United Nations peacekeeping troops pinned down an 18-year-old Haitian man and subjected him to a humiliating sexual assault.

The alleged assault occurred in July, but graphic cell phone video surfaced in recent days, showing what appears to be the four UN troops in camouflage and some wearing the trademark sky blue berets attacking the man. As the video began circulating through the coastal village, it sparked a growing sense of outrage there and prompted the victim’s mother and father to seek criminal charges against the United Nations peacekeeping officers, who are from Uruguay. Both parents submitted written depositions on Wednesday in Port Salut’s courthouse.

A medical certificate filed with the court in Haiti and obtained by ABC News, alleges the victim was beaten and had sustained injuries consistent with having been sexually assaulted.

Word of the alleged attack quickly made its way up the chain of command at the United Nations, both in Haiti and in New York, where officials are now vowing to see the incident investigated and the alleged perpetrators brought to justice. Michel Bonnardeaux, a spokesperson for peacekeeping operations based in New York, told ABC News that officials in his office first became aware of the allegations Saturday. They sent a diplomatic note to the Uruguayan mission requesting the country deploy a national investigative officer to Haiti immediately.

Screen shot from Video captured on a cell phone purportedly…

“The defense minister of Uruguay has expressed deep concern and said they will take all the necessary action,” Bonnardeaux said. “We see this as a breakdown of the command and control structure. If the allegations are proved, the assailants must be brought to justice.”

Messages left Friday with the Uruguayan mission in New York were not returned.

Bonnardeaux said the troops involved in the incident have been confined to their barracks.

Under an agreement between Haiti and the U.N., peacekeeping troops are only subject to discipline and legal action from their country of origin. Uruguay has deployed 1,100 troops to the quake-battered island nation. Bonnardeaux said the primary purpose for the U.N. troops being in Haiti is to insure the protection of Haitian civilians.

But that is not what appears to be happening on the one-minute video, which pans out from a sideways close-up of the alleged victim’s strained face to reveal his body being held down on a mattress by the uniformed men. The alleged assailants can be heard laughing as a shirtless soldier kneels behind the Haitian victim and appears to be assaulting him. The video ends as a soldier grabs the bedraggled young man’s arm and seems to try pulling him onto his feet.

Interviewed by a reporter at the courthouse, the young man said he was snatched from behind as he walked by the U.N. base. He alleged he was beaten and sexually molested. “They’re bad people — vagabonds,” he said. The young man’s mother, a street merchant, held up a pair of black pants to show they were torn. She said it was not until the video surfaced that she discovered what had happened.

“He had stayed in his bed during about two weeks but he never told me what was wrong with him,” she said. “We’re humiliated … After I saw the video, I couldn’t stop crying.”

Uruguayan Navy Lieutenant Nicolas Casariego confirmed to ABC News that the video is real. He spoke through the barbed-wire fence that surrounds the base where the alleged incident took place.

Casariego, the base commander, called the apparent abuse in the video “a
game” and said it wasn’t sexual in nature. “It’s a young guy who is normally
around here, like these people,” he said, pointing to a Haitian family
sitting outside their home twenty yards away. He said the soldiers engaged
in “some kind of bullying, but nothing more.”

The alleged assault is just the latest in a series of incidents that have
frayed relations between Haitians and the 12,000 foreign troops who have
been stationed in Haiti under the U.N. banner now for several years.
Anti-U.N. riots shut down major cities and thoroughfares after an outbreak
of cholera last October. Rumors circulated that a U.N. base had introduced
the disease to Haiti. Scientific studies by the Centers for Disease Control
and others have since confirmed the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese
peacekeeping base in central Haiti.

Sinal Bertrand, a Haitian parliamentary deputy from the Port Salut area,
said he began talks with U.N. officials last week about other allegations
against the soldiers by residents of Port Salut, ranging from sexually
exploiting young women to environmentally polluting the area.

Andre Jean, a local mechanic, summed up those tensions, saying he does not believe the peacekeepers make him any more secure.

“They aren’t useful to us at all,” he said. “They just go back and forth to the beach, nothing more here in Port Salut. They just check out the young girls. If something happens to you and you go to them to ask for help, they tell you, go to the police.”

Bertrand said he is calling on the U.N. to ensure that the alleged assailants in this latest case are punished.

“If they don’t collaborate with the justice system, I’ll denounce them,” he said. “I’m expecting [the U.N.] to respond, until there’s justice.”

Ansel Herz is a freelance journalist based in Haiti since 2009 who has written for The Nation, Reuters Alertnet, Inter-Press News, Haiti Liberte and other outlets.


These animals must be stripped of their immunity and tried in a Haitian court which will convict them, on the basis of their own cell phone evidence. They will be sentenced to years in jail where their asses will receive the same treatment they gave this poor Haitian boy

Enough is enough!!!

MINUSTAH must go



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  1. The MINUSTAH leaders fool us each time. August 18 they said there was no foundation to the claims.End of stories!!Then comes the video tape!!The MINUSTAH spokesman who made the statement should be thrown out of Haiti.We must act to save our sovereignty and our dignity.Let us make this crime a focus for our attack on MINUSTAH and it criminal leaderships.

  2. I got a solution for MINUSTAH…. Its called an uprising! A popular uprising, something the older Haitian; Haitians of the pass would have done long ago. Charlemagne peralte style, and this time we will be ready for the Jean-baptise Conze’s. alot of us are reading this as news, but when it hit one of our family members we will understand. Minustah is not leaving! And they will not compensate for the damage they caused. We need to kick them out by an uprise. They cant claim to be stablizing the country if their presence is causing an uprise worst than Libya! And we will be ready to inform the world of this through the internet that we want them out. Because their bias press will never cover the truth and the real scenes. I dont know what is worst, our parliament, or MINUSTAH. WE NEED TO STAND AS ONE FOR ONE CAUSE; THE HAITI OUR ANCESTORS DREAMED OF!

  3. Patricia says:

    Re: Shocking Video – Minustah Soldiers Raping A Haitian Teenager

    The president sent a note the press regarding what happened the sexual assault on that young boy.I’m wonder what the G16 said, what about the rest of the senators and deputy, what about Mr Lambert, Kelly Bastien, Anacacis, Moise Jean-charles, Belizaire, they are always in TV and on the radio talking about the constitution.What is their responsibilities as a congresmen toward Haiti citizens who’s protecting them.What about the land article 263.1 said:we shall never have a foreign Army into the land, why can Haiti have her own Army?

    article 263 Haiti have two forces:the Army and the police force.Are you there only to fight for position and power, but not to protect the nation and her citizens.

    Shame on you guys!may God have mercy on your souls.

  4. I only have one question. Can anyone tell me a country where the UN has successfuly established a functioning democracy? Anyone? The UN can do certain things well, however establishing a democracy is not one of them. What make people they will be successful in Haity? Those guys are a bunch of third world neo-colonialists who can not even give a proper definition for STABILITY, DEMOCRACY, DIGNITY….etc. Some of them, being in Haity is an upward move in the social ladder. They do not wish to go back home. If those guys fron Uruguay would allow such violent sexual act to be recorded, can you imagine what else they have done?

  5. Yo me pregunto si el Teniente de la Marina Uruguaya,Nicolas Casariego, diria que solo fue “un juego” si esto le pasara a un miembro de su familia.

  6. Poukisa, Ayisyen yo pa refe sa zanset nou yo te fe pou debarase peyi a anba kriminel kont limanite sa yo?

    Eske Ayisyen bliye fe moun tounen bef?

    Jodi a, nou devan yon fetakonpli, poutetsa, nou dwe itilize mwayen ki pi efikas la pou nou sove nasyon an.

    Solisyon an, se fe tout malandren sa yo tounen bef ak kochon,epi rache yo pou ale vann nan mache epi ekpote vyann yo pou lemond antye manje vyann vakabon yo nan maket peyi lotbo dlo pou nou kapab fe dola vet antre nan peyi a.

    Toutn Ayisyen k ap kolabore avek moun sa yo dwe tounen chal pou bwote kadav yo pou ale vann.

    Ayisyen,mete kanson nou nan tay nou pou nou bay malandren yo yon leson Ayisyen.

    Fout yo kout poud kanpe red la.Pa kite yo chape. Pa pran nou nan kraponnay.

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